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Gods Unchained Set to Release UI Updates for Mobile

In line with its plan to unify Gods Unchained UI, the play-and-earn trading card game by Immutable, Gods Unchained, has released UI updates for its mobile app. This is to enable everyone to access and play the Gods Unchained game on any device.

The platform has announced recent changes that players should expect in the game in the coming weeks. The updates include the option to customize card hands, correct display of long player names, correct positioning of mana pip, and fixing of the empower keyboard bug.

Bug Fixed: Empower Keyboard Bug

Following the publication of the new UI for the player card hands and mana wheel, many players reported the inability to use the right-most card in their hands. This happens when it had the keyword “Empower”. The upcoming update will fix this bug and players will be able to toggle all cards within their hand even if it has the keyword “Empower.

Bug Fixed: Option to Alter Players’ Hand Card Position

After the feedback on the position of the opponents’ and players’ hand cards, the team decided to allow the player to take control. Therefore, the upcoming update will allow players to select the position of their hand cards to reflect on the right or the center.

To do this, they have to customize their settings to select their preferred hand option. The default for mobile is right, while it is centered for the desktop version.gods unchained

Issue Fixed: Correct Positioning of the Mana Pip

When a player tries to click the last mana pip in a match, the hit-box wrongly deviates to the right. This makes it impossible for players to use mana on some turns. Players do not have to worry about this anymore because the updates have fixed it. Subsequently, players can click on one of the three mana pips to activate them without stress.

Issue Fixed: Correct Display of Players’ Names

Previously, any name with more than 15 characters would not display properly because the name bar could not cover the name. Therefore, it cuts it off. The team mentioned they had resolved the issue. While the full name may still not be displayed in the new design, players can be sure that it will not distort it.

Finally, the game platform has also fixed issues with Tutorial Mission 1 to rightly highlight the player’s mana wheel rather than the opponent’s. Additionally, the complaints regarding the small bag of tricks have been resolved. Players can now see the small bag of tricks in all matches.

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