How to Choose the Right Play-to-Earn Games
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How to Choose the Right Play-to-Earn Games

The adoption of blockchain technology has led to a paradigm shift in the gaming industry. Players can now make money from NFTs or crypto while playing play-to-earn games on their Smartphones or computers.

This multibillion-dollar industry has become an attraction for crypto enthusiasts, game developers, artists, and the public. 

If you are one of the new entrants in the world of play-to-earn games, you should exercise caution and choose your games carefully. It is not all games that are worth your while. This post gives tips on how to choose the best play-to-earn games to ensure an entertaining and rewarding game experience.

Tips to Choose the Right Play-to-earn Games

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With hundreds of P2E games on the market and many more still in development, choosing the best game can be challenging. First, understand the play-to-earn games and how the rewards work. 

You should know how the payout for the rewards works and how to exchange in-game tokens for other cryptos. Here are the tips to help you make informed decisions when choosing your games.

  • Establish what you want out of the game

Each P2E game rewards players differently. Most games payout game rewards with in-game crypto and NFTs. You can trade or sell these in the exchange markets or to other players. Some games offer players the chance to earn popular cryptocurrencies while playing on their platforms.

 Before you sign up with a game platform, first understand how to earn gameplay rewards. Also, know how long it takes to earn them and what you have to do. Some games require that you complete simple tasks and activities to earn NFTs while others require high investment to earn rewards.

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  • Ease of cashing out in-game coins

While many P2E games build on Polygon, Ethereum, and other popular blockchains, you should look beyond the platform. You need to know how easy it is to exchange the in-game coins for other coins is. Some are not very easy.

Also, it can take a while to sell NFTs, and the values of in-game coins can also quickly fluctuate. Therefore, perform thorough research before you invest time in any game. Know how you can use the in-game coins to earn real-world money. It becomes easy to cash out if you know how to exchange your earned digital assets for real-world earnings.

  • Decide on a budget before you start

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Play-to-earn games require some form of investment at the starting point. Most times, you would need to purchase a starter pack with crypto, and the cost may vary. Some other games do not require that you buy anything to start. However, along the line, you will need to spend money to access premium play-to-earn assets or features.

For example, the popular Axie Infinity requires that you buy a minimum of three Axies to play the game. Common Axies on the Axie Infinity Marketplace sells for about $35 to $65. The rare Axies can sell for hundreds of dollars. Do you have this budget? 

  • Find a game(s) that suits your budget

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When you have decided on your budget, the next step is to look for games within your price point. Beyond pricing, you should also choose your game based on your interest. So, while a budget is important, interest is also crucial. Currently, there are over 400 active blockchain-based games in the market.

With a bit of research, you can find the game(s) that interests you and that meets your budget. You can lookout for new and upcoming play-to-earn games to invest in. The reason for this is simple. New games platforms come with attractive packages to attract users.

You can watch out for new play-to-earn games on CoinMarketCap and DappRadar. These are data tracking websites that offer insights into token price trends and the GameFi marketplace based on volume and users.

Final Thoughts

P2E games combine full-fledged entertainment with an opportunity to earn rewards for your time investment. However, there is nothing like a standard earning in play-to-earn.

Without a doubt, P2E can be profitable but it comes with time cost, and monetary investment that may not yield immediate returns. To improve your earning potential, do your due diligence and prepare to remain consistent even when the profit is not coming in when you expect.

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