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Splinterlands Launches Week #229 Art Contest Campaign

The blockchain-backed trading card game, Splinterlands, has announced its weekly Art Contest launch. The contest is for Splinterlands-inspired original artwork from great artists and players in the game’s community.

The game platform offers the potential for exceptional curation upvotes from diligent curators in Splinterlands.

Winning participants will receive exciting prizes after the event. It is worth mentioning that it is not compulsory to have cards or play the Splinterlands game to participate. Additionally, participants do not have to be professional artists.

They only have to put in the effort to give the contest their best shot. The game platform mentioned it recently updated its guidelines and rules for participation because of multi-account usage and plagiarism issues.

Types of Artwork Accepted in the Art Contest Campaign

Interested participants can submit different categories of artwork. These include drawings, paintings, digital art, logos, comics, blog dividers, and blog footers. They can also create new card ideas, sculptures, mixed media art; computer generated art, cited & sourced mash-ups, dolls, and needlework.      


What are the Rules of Submission?

Participants are to post their creations on their Hive account in their preferred community. Splinterlands stated that it will send the winning packs to the accounts players submit for the content. The game platform further reiterated that entries must be the original artwork of the participants, as plagiarism in any form is not allowed.

If you use unoriginal sourced materials, you must cite the source. Additionally, each account must submit only one entry. Any account that submits multiple entries will be muted and banned from all future curation and contest.

Participants must explain the specific character or card they use as their inspiration and describe some steps to their artistic, and creative process. You must not embed your link, but link the URL to your post in the comment for the contest post.

Highlights of the Prizes

Splinterlands has earmarked 10 Booster Packs for the contest. The platform will share these prizes among the winners. Winning participants can expect their prizes in their account a few days after the contest results are released.

It is worth mentioning that the game platform will feature the artwork of the first-place winner on the official Splinterlands Instagram account.

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