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The Sandbox Celebrates French Culture in the Metaverse

Do you love French Culture? If you do, here’s your chance to experience one of the finest cultures by stepping into the French Weeks, a metaverse designed by the French partners in The Sandbox

The event begins from 23rd March and ends on 6th April. The event will have more than 200 quests in the Metaverse. Not only that, you can see the work of 9 French partners of The Sandbox, ranging from iconic French brands to builders.

More About the French Culture Metaverse

The French Weeks has something for everyone. From art lovers to sports fans, no one will leave the metaverse empty-handed.

The trip begins with Nabiya’s être soie experience. So the Museum of Fabrics and Decorative Arts of Lyon brings its finest clothing, textile, and decorative arts collection to the French Culture Metaverse. Not only is this a great opportunity to experience French Culture but it’s also an incredible way to immerse in breathtaking French Fashion.


What’s in the Metaverse for crypto lovers?

However, if you’re not a fashion fan and you’d rather talk crypto, as we told you, this event has something for everyone! You can get a chance to become a crypto security master just by enrolling in the famous Ledger’s School of Block. To make it more adventurous, you can also win NFTs by fighting off hackers. 

Become a champion, sports fans! 

Unibet has the back of all sports fans! In addition to an immersive experience in the Metaverse, Unibet is also introducing 14 completely different challenges to get a chance and become the ultimate champion. 

Learn the art, foodies!

So what’s in it for foodies in the French Weeks? If you love French cuisine, consider yourself fortunate! You will be getting a meta-cooking experience to prepare authentic and delicious French cuisine with Jean-Pierre and his club members. 

Experience the city of love! 

Paris is known for so many things, and LoveInParis will make sure you experience most of it. The essence of Paris City is French Culture. And in this event, you can improve your knowledge of the culture while completing quests and winning NFTs! 

So you can visit the Exclusible Grand Palace by Virstate to immerse yourself further in French Culture and get a luxurious gaming experience. However, there are many other parts of this metaverse you would love to visit. You can join the Metaverse today

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