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Crypto Gaming: Is it Worth Playing?

Cryptocurrency has changed how the world views and uses money. Today, crypto and blockchain are not only about money. Game developers have adopted them, building games based on blockchain technology. 

The world of decentralized gaming is opening to game lovers, and though it is still in its early stage, it is gaining popularity and loyalty in the crypto and game world. Decentralized gaming offers players opportunities that are not available with the traditional gaming system. 

How does Crypto Gaming Work?

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It is an evolution of traditional video games. The traditional video gaming ecosystem allows players to use traditional money to buy in-game items and level up personalities. Crypto gaming, on the other hand, is big on ownership. 

Unlike regular video games, crypto games offer players ownership of what they collect in games through blockchain technology. Players can own in-game assets, offer them, or even trade them for real cash. Another attraction it has is the players’ ability to make money. 

In classic games, players pay to play. They pay money to get the best out of a game experience and level up faster. However, crypto offers the opposite. People can earn profits from financial investments they make using crypto gaming coins. 

So, Is Crypto Gaming worth Playing?

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Answering this question will require putting things in context. If you are a huge fan of video games, you have probably paid to explore more features and functions of your game. The only downside to this is that you do not have any chance or prospect of recouping the money you have invested. 

Of course, you will enjoy the game and the entertainment it offers and that is it. With crypto gaming, you also make a monetary investment in crypto on the Ethereum blockchain. The big difference is that you can earn rewards and make money while enjoying your crypto game. Succinctly put, classic video games are pay-to-play while crypto games are play-to-earn.

The earning potential is a major distinguishing factor. So, if you have to pay to play a game, would it not make more sense to choose games with the potential to make your money back? Well, you have your answers as to whether crypto gaming is worth playing or not.

How Sustainable is Crypto Gaming?


Is crypto-gaming a fad? Is it something that will fizzle out sometime soon or in the future? Well, if you are investing in crypto gaming, it is normal to ask questions. Understanding the future projections of crypto video games will give investors a clearer idea of what the future holds for the game. 

The truth is that the demand for crypto gaming is growing significantly. Financiers are also exploring the industry looking for projects to support. Financial backers are getting onboard and many blockchain businesses are venturing into the system. 

For instance, late in 2021, Bitkraft Ventures released a $75 million seed fund for some crypto gaming projects. There is a growing number of investors coming on board the crypto gaming ecosystem, which means the industry will experience market growth. The industry will continue to grow with more game developers building mind-blowing decentralized games. 

The industry is evolving and new technologies are being incorporated to deliver a better quality experience to users. As long as game developers continue to ace their game and players have something to entertain them with the potential to make money, crypto gaming will continue to experience a boom.

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of crypto games being launched every other week. Sometimes, sifting through the huge collections can be very tiring and a daunting task. There is also the issue of fraudulent developers looking to trick unsuspecting game lovers into buying into non-existence NFT games. 

Therefore, choosing a crypto game to invest in can be a big challenge. The best approach to find a reputable NFT-based game to invest in is to thoroughly research. 

Although this is not fool-proof that a game is 100% genuine, it will significantly reduce your chance of getting scammed.

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