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Job Tribes Lottery Event Starts on December 27

Job Tribes, the world’s first workplace role-based blockchain game, has announced its Lottery Event. The event is slated to start from December 27 to December 30, 2022. Participants must clear quests and collect as many Lottery Tickets as they can to share in the reward.

The grand prize for the event is 10,000 $DEP for 45 winners. The game platform will release the details of the winners on January 4, 2023, at 3:00 pm UTC+8.

Details of the Job Tribes Lottery Event

Participants who win battles in the Lottery Event will receive Lottery Tickets as drop items. Gamers can also receive Lottery Tickets from other quests, except NFT Quests. However, the number of tickets from other events will be fewer than what you get in the Lottery Event.

Job Tribes has revealed that there are no Earth and Fire amulets in opponents’ decks in this lottery. Therefore, having Thunder and Nature in your deck will be a big advantage to you in battles.

Players who own any NFT, including an NFT-enhanced amulet in their decks, will receive more lottery tickets. The number of tickets you receive will depend on the number of NFTs they have.

Highlights of NFT-Enhanced Amulets to get More Lottery Tickets

Having the following NFT-enhanced amulets in your deck will increase the number of lottery tickets you get. Therefore, ensure you add them to your deck if you already have them.

  • Legendary: Lottery Salesperson (Nature) and Race Queen (Thunder)
  • Epic: Drone Pilot (Nature)
  • Rare: Zoo Keeper (Nature) and Medical Office Worker (Thunder)
  • Common: Meteorologist (Nature)

Following the event, the game platform will announce the Lottery Winners and the winners will get their DEAPchecks.

Highlights of the Prizes

  • 1st Prize: The prize is 10,000 DEAPcoin for 45 winners
  • 2nd Prize: 20 winners will receive 5,000 DEAPcoin
  • 3rd Prize: 50 winners will receive 1,000 DEAPcoin
  • 4th Prize: 100 winners will receive 500 DEAPcoin
  • 5th Prize: 2000 winners will receive 100 DEAPcoin
  • 6th prize: 10000 winners will receive 10 DEAPcoin

In this Lottery Event, every player is a winner. You can also buy a lottery to participate in the event. To do this, you need NFTs of RARE or higher. Use your PALEcoin to buy lottery tickets from the lottery ticket office and stand a chance to earn rewards.

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