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Monsterra Game Battle Front S3 is Live

The number one multi-chain NFT game with a free-to-play-and-earn mechanism on BNB, Monsterra Game, has launched its Battle Front S3 with exclusive rewards in Battle Pass. The event will run from November 23 to December 22.

There are many exciting incentives, limited NFT boxes, and valuable assets waiting for participants in the event. The game platform also mentioned it has created a large MSTR reward pool for the top ten best warriors.

According to the game platform, it has made some changes to the mechanism of the new season based on the two previous seasons. 

Highlights of the Looting Food Mechanism

The quantity of food loot will be based on the destructive percentage of specific land plot types in the new season. Also, Mongen must attack the same land-plot type to loot Food. The land-plot types that drop food when assaulted are Food Storage, Landcare, Farm, Habitat, Breeding Den, and Hatchery. Each has a specific Lootable Food ranging from five to one.

What is the New Reward System?

The primary reward for this season comes from the Battle Pass system. When players enter battles and complete quests, they receive rewards to level up in the ranking structure of the Battle Pass system. When a player attains the necessary reward milestone, they can claim the reward from the Battle Pass.

It is worth mentioning that most rewards are free to claim. However, some require that a player has a Battle Pass Premium ticket to claim them. According to Monsterra Game, there are 80 basic levels in the Battle Pass Season 3, and users can level up. After attaining level 80, the platform will repeat every 30 levels.

Users must collect Battle Pass Essence by completing quests to level up the Battle Pass. Every 1000 Battle Pass Essences you collect will increase the Battle Pass by one level. You can obtain the Battle Pass Essence by buying it with MSTR or completing quests.

What are the Battle Pass Quests?

The Battle Pass system has a quest system with two mission types. These are the Mission by Major and Repeat Mission. Players can complete the Mission by Major in the corresponding major. Each major must be unlocked to release the respective mission. Repeat Missions are playable during the Battle Pass time, and players can complete them anytime.

According to the game platform, a part of the Battle Pass sales and Battle Pass Essence will be used as end-of-season rewards for gamers who participate in the Battlefront S3.

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