Steve Aoki's Game Jam - Unleash Your Creativity in The Sandbox Metaverse
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Steve Aoki’s Game Jam – Unleash Your Creativity in The Sandbox Metaverse

Steve Aoki’s Game Jam is a two-week Game Maker competition. It invites participants to explore the creative mind of the legendary artist and DJ, Steve Aoki.

The goal is to design a game that reflects his unique perspective and showcases his music and artistry. The entire event will happen on and be a part of The Sandbox.

A Lot of Possibilities in The Sandbox Metaverse

During this exciting event, you have the chance to dive into Steve Aoki’s subconscious. So, you will need to create a game that captures the essence of his inspiration. Whether it’s a puzzle game of his signature sound, a side-scrolling adventure showing his wildest dreams, or a platformer exploring the depths of his psyche, you can do anything.

Awards for the Event from The Sandbox

Gather your team and get ready to blow Steve Aoki’s mind! With a prize pool of 50,000 SAND, this is your chance to showcase your creativity and innovation. As a reward, 1st place will get 10,000 SAND + potential to be onboarded to the Game Maker Fund.

2nd and 3rd places will get 6,000 SAND and 3,500 SAND respectively. 4th to 10th place will get 1,500 SAND each. There will also be a Best Idea award and a Best Design award of 1,000 SAND each. A Participation Award is also available with a value of 100 SAND.

A Lot of Possibilities in The Sandbox Metaverse

Participation Timings and Rules

The Game Jam begins on May 8th, 2023, and the deadline to submit your entry is May 21st, 3 pm UTC. Make sure to design your game using the Game Maker software, specifically the GM 0.8.2 version. Your entry should be unique, not a direct copy of existing experiences, and have at least 25 different assets. Playability is key, and your game should have a minimum length of 5 minutes.

To participate, submit your game to the Game Maker “Gallery” feature and fill out the submission form provided. Remember, your entry will only be eligible if you submit it to both the gallery and the form.

All Members of The Sandbox Can Participate

Joining the Game Jam is open to anyone who can create an account at The game platform. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or a beginner, this is your chance to show your imagination and create an amazing gaming experience. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to show your talent and win amazing prizes.

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