Axie DoLL Season 2 Updates
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Axie DoLL Releases Season 2 Updates

Axie DoLL issues the Season 2 updates to inform players about the changes that will take effect in the next edition. The last series did not live up to expectations, and the team wants to make up for it. Axie observed what went wrong and will introduce measures to amend them.

One of the methods is by launching Patch 1.5.8 to fix various defaults. People can download it now to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. In addition, there is already an overhaul to the Axie Registration and Enlistment process. Furthermore, the website is also under redesign to improve user experience. New and interesting art additions are also coming to the game.

Upgrades in the Axie DoLL Season 2 Updates

Axie DoLl is ensuring that there will be no more expensive Axies in the coming edition. The team noticed that the leaderboard ranking process was forcing individuals into purchasing specific in-game characters. This is because the avatars had improved body parts that enabled users to climb up the ratings. In this regard, Season 2 updates include lowering the entry cost for everyone.

This is why Axie Defenders of Lunacian Land is redesigning the registration and enlisting process. The new system will be more affordable by allowing lower initial costs and cheaper fees. In addition, there are considerations for individuals to reiue their old Axies in Season 2.

Meanwhile, players can begin playing with just one Axie instead of three. It is also free to register a champion. The process works similarly to registering three avatars. Newly-registered Axie will be called Defenders.

In addition, the enlistment process affects your skill pool in Ranked Mode. Each Axie will contribute their skill to your available skills in this gameplay mode. This way, people do not need to create the perfect Axie. Instead, they can utilize body parts from their existing pool.

Upgrades in the Axie DoLL Season 2 Updates

To make gameplay more exciting, Axie DoLL is introducing Transformer Berries to the Ranked Mode. These digital items change the body type of your avatar for a limited time. They cost 1 shield per use. In addition, people can use the Vintage Elixirs to temporarily upgrade their Axie’s class in Ranked and Practice Mode. It also costs 1 shield per game.

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