Tiny World Update 48
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Tiny World Issues Update 48

Tiny World has issued Update 48. As with its tradition, the GameFi ecosystem keeps members informed of current developments. This edition contains a Valentine’s Day campaign and the Tiny Lord Beta Public Test.

Details of the Tiny World Update 48

The first highlight of the Tiny World Update 48 is the launch of the Tiny Lord 2.0 Beta Public Test. This is an interactive model that reduces gas fees by 95%. It was launched by 8:00 UTC on the 9th of February. The testnet will run for one week and end by 8:00 UTC on the 16th of February.

During this period, participants will try out every aspect of gameplay. They should report any glitches and defects they notice to the team via Discord. Even better, there is a prize pool of 5000 mystery runes for players who report bugs. Players should read the Whitepaper to learn how to play the game.

As the testnet ends, Tiny Lord will officially launch season 2.0 by 8:00 AM on the 16th of February. Players will receive double $TINC and $SPIRIT rewards to commemorate this release within the first week. A prize pool of 307,000 $TINC and 2,400,000 $SPIRIT is set aside for this purpose. However, Tiny World will revert to the regular reward system by the second week.

Community Valentine Event

Tiny World Valentine Event

Tiny World is launching a community event in collaboration with BNB Chain to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This campaign is titled “Love is in the air” and will begin on the 8th of February. Besides this game, the event will also cut across 13 other GameFi projects.

They include the following:

  • Trader Joe
  • Lifeform
  • Multichain
  • Yuliverse
  • Meta Apes
  • Monsterra
  • TopGoal
  • ApolloX
  • Helio
  • Hangout
  • Avalon
  • Gaimin,
  • Debox.

To stand a chance, participants must spell out LOVE-IS-IN-THE-AIR. Those who can collect the right NFTs and complete the sentence will share from the 1,400 $BUSD prize pool.

To participate, follow these steps:

  • Connect your wallet to DappBay
  • Explore the Love in the Air event.
  • Complete tasks to claim mystery boxes containing random letters.
  • You can also trade letters with other participants.
  • Ensure to collect all the letter contained in LOVE-IS-IN-THE-AIR.
  • Regularly monitor the leaderboard to know your place on the ratings.
  • Log back to your DappBay account on the 14th of February to claim your rewards.

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