Walken Releases the Update 1.7.3 for Android and iOS Devices
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Walken Releases the Update 1.7.3 for Android and iOS Devices

Walken has released the update 1.7.3 for users of Android and iOS devices. The team is introducing several modifications to ensure that people get to enjoy a seamless gameplay experience. More so, this patch note ushers players into another Runner Tournament week.

Details of the Walken Update 1.7.3

Walken has been working on this patch note for the last few weeks. During this period, they studied the current gameplay trends and feedback from players. These details served as the framework for developing an update of this magnitude. Users should visit Walken’s Onelink to download the update 1.7.3.

The new update will feature new CAThlete levels. The game is adding levels 11-13 to ensure that the storyline continues. In this regard, individuals now have new challenges, gameplay, and earning opportunities. In addition, the Competition League VII will be available to everyone who reaches level 12 and above. More so, this benefit will apply to both PVP and PVE modes.

Meanwhile, there will ve Ranked Races in the PVE mode for those who reach Level 12. This will enable high-ranking players to earn more significant rewards every time they win. In addition to the earning possibilities, anyone who reaches level 13 can breed offspring with higher rarities.

In other news, players can only convert 10,000 steps into $GEM every day. This limitation is essential for maintaining the in-game economy. This Walken Update now allows people to get rewards like mystery berries when they spin the wheel or watch ads.

Walken Runner Tournament

Walken Runner Tournament

As with tradition, the team is launching the weekly Walken Runner Tournament. It will go live on Monday, the 8th of May, and continue for the next 7 days. Within this period, participants will play the game like they usually do. They do not need to engage in additional sign-up or attain further achievements.

Those who complete the required tries will enter a draw. The tournament banner will appear on the right side of the main screen to indicate that specific players are now part of the raffle. Walken is setting aside $5000 as a prize pool, and it will be shared among 106 players.

  • 1st position: 1 player gets $1000
  • 2nd position: 5 players get $500 each
  • 3rd position: 1000 players get $15 each

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