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Walken Announces CAThlete Fusion Event 2.0

The world’s first free-to-play, walk-to-play, play-to-earn game platform, Walken, has announced the launch of Fusion Event 2.0. According to the game platform, the event is returning in the final days of 2022 and will last for five days.

The Fusion pool for the event is 10,000 units. The prize will depend on the volume of fused CAThletes per fusion. It is worth mentioning that prices remain the same for all rarities.

Highlights of the Fusion Prices

Two CAThletes will cost 300 $WLKN and 3500 Mysberries, and three units will cost 350 $WLKN and 4500 Mysberries. Participants fusing four CAThletes must have 400 $WLKN and 5500 Mysberries. However, those fusing five units would pay 500 $WLKN and 6000 Mysberries.

How Fusion Works

Fusion means swapping your CAThletes for a new one. These new CAThletes are fresh and ready for competition. Within the five days of the event, participants will have an opportunity to exchange up to five NFT CAThletes for a new one per time.

It is worth mentioning that there is zero chance of getting a Common NFT. Also, the chance of obtaining a higher-rarity new token is determined by the volume of fused CAThletes and their levels and rarities. 

When more CAThletes find their way into the portal, participants have a higher chance of acquiring a new and rarer character. Walken also mentioned that users have a good chance of fusing Common tokens to obtain a Rare or Legendary token.


More Details about the Fusion Event

Participants can only fuse one NFT CAThletes of levels 6 to 10. Also, the fused tokens will be burnt and cannot be used in the game again. You will receive one NFT CATHELETE when you fuse. Other details are highlighted as follows:

  • The minimum rarity for a new token is the maximum rarity of the fused ones. For instance, if you fuse a rare CAThlete with other lower rarities, the least rarity you can get is a rare one. You also have a drop chance of getting an epic or legend NFT.
  • The game calculates the rarity drop chances based on the volume of fused tokens and their levels. In other words, when you fuse more CAThletes of higher levels, you have a higher chance of obtaining a rarer new token from the possible rarities. 
  • You can only use $WLKN from your wallet for payment during the Fusion event.
  • You also have the freedom to fuse as many times as you want as long as you have the required tokens and fusions available in the pool for the Walken fusion event.

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