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PlayMining Announces the Launch of Graffiti Racer Game

The play-to-earn game platform, PlayMining, has announced the launch of its new game, Graffiti Racer, on October 31, 2022.

Players will have access to the game from October 31 using the official URL of the Graffiti Racer game. It is worth mentioning that you cannot access the URL before the launch.

What is the Graffiti Racer Game Launched by Playmining?

Graffiti Racer is a new game themed around coloring and racing where players color their characters and race them to earn points. You must first create a character to participate in a race.

To create a character, you have to combine a SHEET (the base) and a FILM (where you color in). You can earn Race Coins or DEP for character development, depending on your rank position in the races.


What is a Sheet?

PlayMining mentioned it has two sheet types, NFT and non-NFT. Players can obtain the NFT sheets by buying premium sheet packs, trading, or breeding at PlayMining NFT. You can obtain the non-NFT sheets by buying regular sheet packs, breeding, or getting free sheet packs with in-game distributed tickets.

It is worth noting that each sheet comes with parameters and skills, such as stamina, speed, and handling. These vary significantly and depend on the type and rarity of the sheet.

While there are two types of sheets, there are three primary types of sheet packs. These are Premium, Regular, and Free Sheet Packs. Only the premium sheet pack contains NFT sheets, while the others contain non-NFT sheets.

How to Earn DEP in Graffiti Racer Game

Players can explore different opportunities to earn DEP in the Graffiti Racer game. First, they can earn it as a ranking reward during races. Players can also trade their NFT sheets on the PlayMining game platform to earn DEP in the game.

They can trade films designed by coloring in-game with DEP. Players can also use the Scholarship System to earn DEP in Graffiti Racer.

More Details about Races in Graffiti Racer

The game has three types of races – Tour Race, Regular Ranking Race, and Premium Ranking Race. Players can earn Race Coins from Tour Race when they clear races. Regular Ranking Races hold for a specific duration, and players can earn DEP rewards or Race Coins, depending on their ranking at the end of the race.

Premium Ranking Races also hold for a particular period, and the rewards come in DEP. Interested participants in Premium Ranking Races must have a character with at least one NFT sheet.

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