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The Cryptoverse: A Metaverse Composed of Collective Imagination

Cryptoverse, a 3D metaverse made of collective imagination, has revealed the essence and backdrop to its game platform. Built on Unreal 5, the Cryptoverse is a highly immersive 3D virtual gaming world premised on blockchain technology. 

Players in the metaverse have the freedom to own LAND, create, govern, and monetize their experiences with $CGG tokens. The vision of Cryptoverse is to enhance, empower, and enrich all users from different walks of life. 

From businesses and brands to socialites and games, the platform combines the best elements of the virtual universe to offer its community members numerous explosive imaginations. The metaverse features social layers, ownership, gamification, seamlessness, interoperability, buildings, avatars, vehicles, and everything else within one place.

What does the Cryptoverse Metaverse Entail?

The Cryptoverse is made up of an archipelago of eight different islands with each representing a particular Zone. Each zone has distinctive guidelines and aesthetics. It offers users a starting point that propels them in the direction to develop an evolving and organic virtual universe. The focal point in the metaverse is the center Zone. 

This is called the Hub and it is a Utopian blend of smoothness and fluidity by day. By night, it becomes a cyberpunk blend of electric energy and neon hum. Users will have the opportunity to purchase LAND in Zones, including the Hub

The opportunity to own land will come up soon in the pre-sale event yet to be disclosed. The event will take place across different NFT marketplaces and launchpads. More details about the pre-sale event will be announced through the platform’s social media channels in the coming weeks.


What the World of Cryptoverse Promise Users

The Cryptoverse is created to offer an immersive and unique game experience to users. It has numerous innovative features that are tailored to enhance the experience of users through innovative, dynamic, and flexible tools. The highlights of these features include:

  • Unreal Engine 5: This offers a limitless platform for interoperability with other NFT metaverse. It also provides striking photo-realistic designs and graphics.
  • Cinematic artists curated from top-notch VFX studios
  • Enriching and highly intuitive VR/AR/XR user experiences
  • Partnership with best-in-quality urban city planning with proven track records for designing major cities
  • LAND Combining and Sharding: This offers users complete control of their digital real estate.
  • Flexible building tools: These are designed for users with little to no programming expertise and modding tool for advanced users.
  • Dual Architecture SDK: This makes the intricate physical arrangement of animation states easy to be implemented.

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