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Alien Worlds Shares its Tokenized Lore Series 1: Trilium & Triactor Technology


  • Trilium: Chaotic energy with mutagenic potential, discovered by the Altans, revolutionizes genetics and space exploration.
  • Triactor Technology: Allows precise manipulation of Trilium to cure diseases and improve physical and mental abilities.
  • Data Cores: They guarantee efficiency in genetic modifications, fusing medicine and evolution in an expanding universe.

In the vast expanses of the Alien Worlds cosmos, the Altans have made a revolutionary discovery: the Trilium, a formless energy source with a chaotic resonance that defies the limits of understanding.

This substance, inherently adaptable to its environment, has the ability to cause uncontrolled mutations in any organic matter with which it comes into direct contact.

From its gaseous state to its granulated solid form, Trilium offers an unprecedented range of possibilities, from genetic improvement to deep space exploration.

Alien Worlds has unlocked the doors of Trilium manipulation using innovative Triactor technology.

This technology allows the refining of Trilium into specific stable states, controlling its resonance and opening the doors to applications as diverse as genetic modification and curing diseases.

Using the Triactor socket, grafted into living organisms, it is possible to administer precise cures for a variety of ailments, as well as improve both the physical and mental capabilities of individuals.

The heart of this Alien Worlds technology lies in the Data Cores

These have been inserted into the Triactor socket to guide genetic modulation precisely and efficiently.

Discovering Trilium and Triactor Technology: Advances in Alien Worlds

These nuclei contain specific genetic instructions that ensure the success of the modifications, thus preventing unwanted side effects and maximizing the efficiency of the process.

As research advances and more data is collected on the various races and diseases of the universe, the ability of Triactor technology to address and solve complex medical problems continues to grow.

Likewise, the possibilities for genetic improvement are expanding, offering new perspectives on longevity, physiological performance and adaptation to hostile environments.

The combination of Trilium and Triactor technology represents a milestone in the technological development of the Alien Worlds universe, offering innovative solutions to both medical and existential challenges.

As these advances continue to transform life in the cosmos, we are left to explore the infinite possibilities that this new era of discovery in blockchain-games holds for us.

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