Dustland Completion Tickets Burn Guide
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Dustland Issues Completion Tickets Burn Guide

Dustland has been teasing its community about an upcoming event for quite some time. The long wait is over, and users can now exchange some completion tickets for $DOSE. To enable you to complete this process, the game issues a burn guide.

For individuals hearing about this term for the first time, $DOSE is an in-game reward token. Users can get it when they burn energy during a mission – like on a run, jog or walk. To ensure its sustainability and scalability, this cryptocurrency is limited in supply  This way, the tokenomics is not affected by the introduction of new players.

Details of the Dustland Completion Tickets Burn Guide

The Dustland completion tickets burn event will go live on the 21st of July 2022 by 07:00 UTC. It will continue for the next two weeks and end by the 4th of August 2022. Over this period, users can combine it with the Kettlemine NFT to earn $DOSE. The entire process will take place on the official website. Users who have tickets but do not have the non-fungible token can purchase one on OpenSea.

There is a dedicated reward pool of 5,000,000 $DOSE for this event. In addition, only those who burn their completion tickets will benefit from this prize. Meanwhile, there are currently 100,000 of them available. To earn one, users must embark on missions before 04:00 UTC on the 21st of July 2022. After this date, they will no longer be able to do so until the new system comes out in August.

How to Participate in this Event

Dustland Completion Tickets Burn

Following the launch of this event, Dustland is issuing the completion tickets burn guide. Follow these steps below to earn from the prize pool:

  • Visit the Dustland website and connect your account to link it to your account. While doing this, ensure this is the same web3 storage platform you used for redeeming your completion tickets. It should also hold your Kettlemine NFT.
  • Click “Ok, let’s burn” to proceed.
  • Select “Initiate Burn” to burn all your tickets and the NFT. Ensure to burn all tickets because the team will discontinue them after launching the new benefits system. When that happens, these items will no longer be valuable.

The process will take place on the Polygon chain. As much, you will need to pay gas fees in $MATIC. Do not adjust the gas fees, it has been preset for the best results. Once you start the process, do not try to cancel it. Instead, be patient and check your wallet after it completes. You should also do it once.

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