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Helpshift Launches the First Customer Support Solution – Metashift

Helpshift, the modern in-app support journey platform, has launched the first and only customer support solution, Metashift, for the Metaverse. Helpshift is a renowned solution provider for creating exceptional in-app support to keep mobile app users engaged.

As part of its commitment to delivering amazing support experiences to users, it has launched Metashift. This is a three-phase plan for its new patented technologies for support experiences within the Metaverse. Here are the highlights of the 3-phase rollout plan.

Phase One: Free Feedback and Bug Reporting

Helpshift’s new and free feedback SDK will provide game platforms and companies offering Metaverse experiences an easy and effective way that their users can provide feedback and report crashes or bugs.

The Metashift Phase One will be available from May 3 for download. This will deliver Augmented Reality and in-app experiences to users. Interested companies can join the waitlist to be the first to use the free Feedback & Bug Reporting tool.

Phase Two: Blockchain Verification, NFT, and Identity Support

With the growth of the Metaverse where users own virtual assets of considerable value, such as NFTs, user identity theft can pose a big risk to organizations. Phase Two of Metashift will provide a platform where the virtual identities of users can be supported through blockchain verification across the Metaverse.

This unique feature is scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2022. Interested organizations can sign up for the waitlist to get the latest updates on this blockchain verification system.


Phase Three: Native VR Support

User experience is evolving and becoming more immersive and engaging. In the same way, organizations must provide support for users’ journeys. Currently, Helpshift is known as a solution provider that helps organizations to deliver exceptional in-app support experiences.

The platform is currently developing the first support solution for the users’ VR Metaverse experiences. With this solution, users would not have to leave virtual reality to get support.

Phase Three of Metashift will enable users to access self-service with AI-driven intents, FAQs, report crashes and bugs, and leave feedback right on the VR experience. 

The Native VR Support is scheduled to be released in quarter four of 2022. Interested organizations can also sign up for the waitlist to get updates.

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