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Crypto Influencer Rojan Reveals Bird Runes & Charms

On the 3rd of April, Rojan|PGG revealed details of the Bird Runes and Charms power-ups via live streaming. This is part of the build-up to the launch of the Axie Infinity Origin on the 7th of April. Following that event, Axie Infinity gives a highlight of that reveal. Below are the details.

Details of the Bird Runes and Charms

Unlike the earlier sneak peeks, this reveal offers more concrete information with regard to these in-game battle boosters. Below is a breakdown of this more recent update.

Bird Runes and Charms Card

Bird Runes

The Bird Runes will offer four cards, they include

  • Venom Born: This Axie has poison that Heals 1 HP per stack. This is contrary to causing HP loss.
  • Energy Guru: This is an attack card that can deal 5 Damage per energy cost to all enemies.
  • Raven’s Tactic: With this power-up, users can deal 20% bonus Damage if the HP is more than 50%. In addition, it takes 20% less Damage if HP is below 50%.
  • Feather Descent: With this boost, your team gets 2 feathers when your turn starts

Bird Charms

On the other hand, Bird Charms offer 8 different options. They include the following:

  • Bird Talisman of Power IV: This option gives 6 more Attack, and it also enhances the non-multihit attack of a card.
  • Bird Talisman of Focus IV: Unlike the Talisman of Power V boost, the Talisman of Focus is a multihit attack enhancer card. In addition, it increases your Attack by 3.
  • Bird Talisman of Power V: This is an upgrade on its compatriot. It enhances non-multihit attacks and increases them by 10.
  • Feather Fan: The feather fan is a general card enhancer. With this card, every member of your team will gain 1 Feather.
  • Bird Talisman of Focus V: The Talisman of Focus V is a multihit enhancer card that increases your attack by 4.
  • Secret Egg: Like the feather fan, the secret egg is a general enhancer. It adds Innate to your Axie.
  • Bird Energy Drink 5: This is also a general power boost during battles. It has a base stat of 10% and adds Ethereal to your team.
  • Flamingo Hammer: Unlike the focus and power cards, the flamingo hammers enhance all forms of attacks. It will also apply fragile for two turns when you use it.

The Axie launch week continues with the preview of the Arena Mode Guide on the 4th of April. This will be done by the Axie Team. Furthermore, this will take place alongside the Plant Runes and Charms reveal by Myrtle and KooKoo.

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