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Axie Infinity Origin Launch Set for April 7th

Axie Infinity is set to launch Origin on the 7th of April 2022. On that date, Lunacians will be able to play the game via the Mavis Hub. This shift in date came as a result of the security breach on the Ronin Network. Here are the details of the new ecosystem.

Axie Infinity Origin Launch Week Schedule

There will be a series of activities in the buildup to the day of the Axie Infinity Origin launch. On Wednesday the 30th of March 2022, Axie will release the gameplay trailer on its official Youtube Channel. Following that, it will launch an Origin Launch Contest and Neutral Runes & Charms on Twitter and Discord on the 31st of March at 10 AM EDT.

By Friday the 1st of April, there will be two separate reveals. One will be the Bug Runes & Charms by Chuck Fresco at 10 PM. While the other is the Aqua Runes & Charms and Beast Charms by Ryan MT8 at 12 PM. Similarly, Saturday the 2nd of April will have double events. First is the Axie preview stream on its official twitch platform by 10 AM. This will be followed by the reveal of Secret Class Runes by Brycent at 12 PM.

On Sunday the 3rd of April 2022, Zio, Kmanu and Rojan will reveal the Bird Runes and Charm by 10 AM EDT. By Monday the 4th of April, the Axie Tech Team will release the Arena Mode Guide. This will take place just before Myrtle and KooKoo reveal the Plant Runes and Charms by 10 PM. On Tuesday the 5th of April, the Starter Axie Lore will be released on AxieChat by 8 PM.

By Wednesday the 6th of April, the final set of reveals will be for the Reptile Runes & Charms. The winner of the Origin Launch Contest will do this by 10 AM. Come Thursday the 7th of April, the Alpha version of the Axie Infinity Origin will be available for download on the Mavis Hub.

Reason for the Delay

Axie Origin Launch Week

The launch of the Axie Infinity Origin was delayed by 1 week due to the recent security threat. Axie is postponing this launch as it is prioritizing security. This additional period will give its engineering and security team adequate time to investigate the implications of the recent attack. After which they can now focus fully on supporting the launch of the new ecosystem.

The blockchain gaming outfit also wants to thank its community members, especially in these times. This is why it is organizing these events in the build-up to the launch, to encourage more community involvement.

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