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Step Hero Releases Endless Mode Playbook Season 1 Guideline

Step Hero, a play-to-earn game platform, has released the essential guideline for Endless Mode Playbook Season 1. After completing the Blocky Island Map in Campaign Mode, gamers can continue with the Endless Mode game to launch the Season.

According to Step Hero, Endless Mode comes with many floors, with each having twenty rooms. Players must overcome all 20 rooms on each floor to get to a new floor. The leaderboard will feature based on the highest floor and room that gamers can attain after joining the Endless Mode.

The game will have different seasons but will start with seasons that span three weeks. After the first season, the game will go on a break for about three days before resuming another season.

Highlights of the STEPPOOL Mechanism

The first fee for joining the Endless Mode Playbook Season 1 is 5$STEP. The fee will increase steadily after every five turns. One part of the Endless Mode participation fee will be channeled to STEPPOOL and used as a $STEP reward for the TOPs at the end of the season.

The more players that join the Endless Mode season, the higher the rewards that will be available at the end of the game. It is worth mentioning that the $STEP fee would reset the next day.

step hero

What is the Reward Structure?

After each season, gamers will get $HERO and $STEP as rewards according to their leaderboard position. The top sixty winners on the leaderboard will get a chance to win huge rewards. Below is the structure of the reward for Endless Mode Season 1:

  • Top 1: $13,500 HERO
  • Top 2: $8,250 HERO
  • Top 3: $4,875 HERO

After three to five days after the close of the Season, $HERO rewards would be sent through the winners’ ID Wallet linked to their accounts. $STEP rewards will also be sent through in-game mail.

More Information about Step Hero

Step Hero is a multiverse play-to-earn platform that brings exceptional gaming experiences to players with exciting earning opportunities. The game platform offers an NFT gaming platform with HERO Game Hub.

This is a collection of different attractive blockchain-based games in the metaverse. Players have the freedom to explore different games with rewards. The economy of the game platform revolves around the native currencies, which are $STEP, $HERO, and HERO NFTs.

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