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Adroverse, a multi-chain decentralized metaverse

Adroverse is taking blockchain gaming to another level. The game adopts a free-to-earn strategy. In simpler terms, it combines the free-to-play and play-to-earn models. Despite being free to play, Adroverse still offers multiple incentives and ways to earn.

What is Adroverse?

Adroverse is a multi-chain decentralized metaverse where users can socialize, play and earn. It looks to empower players through GameFi, Metaverse and NFT offerings. This gaming outfit brings life to the entire metaverse by providing a new level of usability of non-fungible tokens. Adroverse features the world’s first functional interactive NFT system.

Features of the Game

Unlike most action and MMORPGs, Adroverse offers way much more. There are multiple features of this game that no other MMORPG does. This includes an amazing storyline. Below is the game’s storyline.

Adroverse Multichain Metaverse

A Storyline Featuring Multiple Metaverses

In the year 3000s, the Adroverse galaxy has collapsed. This collapse leads to the destruction of all planetary life. As a result, there are only very few survivors left. Following this catastrophe, survivors of this destruction have to fight for their own survival. Despite their struggle against one another, they still manage to conduct financial and economical operations. Part of these economic operations is the building of space cities, with a plan to conquer the universe again.

Timelines Within the Adroverse Game

There will be three stages in the game’s timeline. Over the course of gameplay, players will experience various compelling scenarios with stages. These stages are called Eras, and they follow the storyline of Adroverse. Timelines within the game include the following:

Era of Survival

This era encompasses the fight for survival. In this era, players will engage in various types of battles. It offers opportunities to collect NFTs and earn money while having fun

Era of Re-Generation

After gathering NFTs and other in-game assets, the next step is rebuilding. In this era, you will have the opportunity to build your dream space city. You also have to build space stations and protect your metropolis. To win and earn, ensure to compete in Monopoly Arenas.

Era of Development and Conquer

With your city in place and well protected, you can begin to expand. Form alliances with other players and explore space. Look for other civilizations and try to conquer them. In this era, users socialize and play VR/AR real-time simulation games. You can also trade your in-game assets for real money.

There are other ways to earn from the Adroverse game. They include:

  • Short Term Farming
  • Staking and contributions
  • Content creation
  • Trading and investing the game’s token.

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