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Star Atlas – A Strategy Game in Blockchain

Start Atlas is a multiplayer online strategy game that uses blockchain as its underlying technology and runs on Solana. As the name implies, the game concept revolves around space and many operations that can be done in it.

The competition is between various teams and territories in space, and the story happens in the year 2620. There are three factions in this future space named MUD, ONI, and Ustur Sector. The factions are always in battle resources, territorial conquest, and political domination.

Players will have a role as a citizen in Star Atlas and try to evolve while earning rewards for battles and quests. The game combines all of the familiar concepts of video gaming with blockchain concepts. It has blockchain-based game assets and tokens next to known concepts like vehicle control, combats, dynamic career system, and more.

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What is Star Atlas?

Star Atlas is one of the most ambitious blockchain games in the market. It uses many innovative technologies to offer an interesting experience to video game lovers. The theme is about a distant future with remarkable technological achievements that provide a futuristic science fiction world. This world is completely new and groundbreaking, with numerous concepts showing its innovative atmosphere.

The game uses many of the most groundbreaking technologies in the market. Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite is used for the design and development of Star Atlas that is among the top game design engines in the market.

Besides, Star Atlas was launched on Solana to benefit from the high speed and low-cost transactions of this network next to scalability features. The game also provides an in-game economy with NFTs and in-game tokens. This economy provides an experience like owning assets in the real world.

Grand Strategy

As mentioned above, Start Atlas is a strategy game, and strategy deployment is among the top actions in the game. Players should expand their empires in the game by claiming and staking assets.

As a result, they should have both offensive and defensive plans to expand the empire and defeat others. Most of the strategic actions are about exploring the map and interacting with the environment.


Progressing in this game needs exploring the Start Atlas. Players can scan celestial and terrestrial assets and find new opportunities in the game—exploration results in finding new assets that can be mined, refined and traded. Players can trade assets in the Universal Marketplace of the game.

The game provides two views for the player to captain their spaceships. They can have an exterior view while exploring or be in a first-person view and handle the spaceship manually.

Role-Playing Game

Star Atlas has an RPG theme next to the strategy that makes it a more comprehensive game in terms of game modes. Players can have various roles and careers and choose their path in the game individually. Mining is the main concept of this game that runs the whole economy of the fictional world. Players can have many roles related to mining and earning money from mined assets.

Players can earn from mining materials in the game. They have many choices about what to do with mined materials. For example, they can trade raw or refined materials. Besides, crafting new things with mined materials is another option. These options make a role-playing theme in the game.

Space Flight Simulation

This game lets players captain and pilot their spaceship while exploring space. It’s a fantastic experience for space-themed games. It offers a cockpit view to the player that creates a near-real experience when driving the spaceship.

When piloting a spaceship, players have many options to expand their experiences. They can use flight sticks, throttles, multi-functional button control panels, head tracking hardware, and head-mounted displays using virtual reality (VR). VR is the biggest advantage here in Star Atlas that makes it a game most related to the metaverse concept.

ATLAS and POLIS The proyect Tokens

The monetary system in Star Atlas provides incentives for players to play more and engage with the game and each other. This game has a dual token economy system run by ATLAS and POLIS tokens.

ATLAS (In-Game Token)

ATLAS is the main token for payments and transactions in the Star Atlas game. Players use this token to buy assets like ships, crew, components, land, and equipment. It creates an economy that somehow encourages players to be careful about their assets. They earn ATLAS by doing many operations like mining and trading. But the token should be paid for expenses like fuel, repairing, and etc.

ATLAS token will be released and distributed in various stages of Galactic Asset Offering. But after the official launch of the game, this token can be earned by playing the game or buying from other players. The team behind the game claims to have zero stakes in undistributed token supply.

POLIS (Governance Token)

POLIS is the governing token of Star Atlas for having a fully decentralized ecosystem. It has many use-cases, both in-game and in directing real-world economic policy.

The in-game use case of POLIS token focuses on jurisdictional ownership over various regions of Star Atlas. Besides, POLIS holders have political influence in the game. About real-world influence, these holders can influence the decision-making of the Star Atlas development team.

In simple terms, they can have an effect on the direction of game development and design. 20% of the POLIS token will be distributed in Galactic Asset Offering, and the rest will be rewarded to those who stake ATLAS tokens.

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Star Atlas – DeFi Financial System

Star Atlas provides the opportunity to operate DeFi services in the game for players. It integrates Serum DEX for offering these services. They can leverage DAO cities to raise financial centers in the game. Each creator can set their own fees for trading in their facilities. Some of the supported DeFi services are:


Players can lend assets supported in Solana or Serum to earn rewards from their holdings. It’s a common service in DeFi platforms that offers an interesting option of income to users.


AMM stands for Automated Market Making as a fundamental concept of decentralized financial services. It’s available in Star Atlas for automatically making the market for various asset pairs and earning trading fees.

Yield Farming

Yield farming is available in Start Atlas DeFi, too. Players can choose where to lend assets and where to borrow them for their financial activities. It offers another option for earning from the game by providing locked tokens.


Star Atlas partners with famous tools and services to offer a comprehensive practical experience to users. Some of the most important ones are:


Solana is among the fastest blockchains in the market. Star Atlas team chose this blockchain as the underlying network to offer a great experience to players. This blockchain is capable of processing 50,000 transactions per second. It also offers a strong development toolset that helps game designers offer more features. In a nutshell, Solana is responsible for storing tokens, NFTs, managing transactions, and etc.


Serum provides the infrastructure for trading in-game assets for players. They surely need a robust infrastructure to manage their transactions, tradings, and etc. Serum is a decentralized exchange (DEX) with fast transaction handling and almost zero operating costs.


Managing in-game NFTs in Star Atlas is done by Stardust. It offers a user-friendly experience with an API connected to the game. Supporting Solana-based NFTs in the game client is done by Stardust.


Star Atlas is among the blockchain games with very high ambitious goals. It uses the high-end technologies available for combining video gaming experience with blockchain layer and financial incentives. It has all the needed components for offering a comprehensive experience that engages players at a high level. Using Solana as the underlying blockchain is very bold and surely helps the game offer a faster experience with scalability features.

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