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Axie Infinity Launches Atia’s Shrine Upgrade


  • New features arrive at Axie Infinity’s Atia Shrine: Atia Delegation and Streak Restoration.
  • Atia Delegation allows users to delegate daily prayers to other wallets or individuals. Simplifying the acquisition of Atia’s blessings across multiple accounts.
  • Streak Restoration offers users the ability to renew lost prayer streaks for a small fee of $5 USD in AXS. Avoiding starting from scratch and only available within 72 hours after the loss.

Lunacia continues to evolve, with the announcement of two significant features in Axie Infinity’s Atia Shrine, a platform within the game. These new additions, known as Atia Delegation and Streak Restoration, aim to simplify and enhance the user experience when interacting with the game.

Atia Delegation allows users to delegate their daily prayers to another wallet or individual. This is especially useful for those managing multiple wallets. As they can now receive Atia’s blessings in each of them with just a few clicks. Additionally, it provides flexibility by allowing users to opt out of being designated as delegates if they wish.

On the other hand. Streak Restoration offers users the option to restore lost prayer streaks by paying a small fee of $5 USD in AXS (Axie Infinity Shards). A lifesaver for those who want to maintain their streak intact after missing a day of prayer. Avoiding having to start over from scratch. It’s important to note that streak restoration can only be done within 72 hours after the loss.

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Axie Infinity Continues to Improve User Gaming Experience

These new features will bring excellent and much-needed improvement to the user experience within Axie Infinity. Offering greater convenience and flexibility. Additionally, they demonstrate the team’s commitment behind the game to continuously improve and provide players with tools to enhance their participation in the world of Lunacia.

To use Atia Delegation, users simply need to follow a few simple steps, including selecting a delegate. Specifying the percentage of Fortune Slip to share, and completing the delegation process. On the other hand, Streak Restoration can be done with just a click on the corresponding button in the Atia Shrine and confirming the transaction.

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