Decentraland Will Host its First-Ever Game Expo With Big Surprises
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Decentraland Will Host its First-Ever Game Expo With Big Surprises


  • First Decentraland Game Expo from June 26 to 29.
  • Open call for Game Jam and Call for Games.
  • Opportunities for game developers at Decentraland.

The world of online gaming is about to experience an exciting milestone with the announcement of the first-ever Decentraland Game Expo, scheduled to take place June 26-29.

This expo promises to be a showcase of innovation and creativity in the web3 gaming space, featuring the 2024 game jam winners, top Decentraland games, exciting surprises from contributors, and web3 panel conversations.

One of the most notable features of this event is the opportunity it offers game developers to participate and stand out.

The call includes two great opportunities: the Game Jam and the Call for Games.

The Game Jam is an exciting competition that challenges teams of 1 to 6 people to design a new game on Decentraland in just one month.

Registered teams will receive the theme and guidelines on May 1, and will have until May 31 to complete their creations.

In addition to the prestige of being part of this historic event, there is a combined prize of $ 8,000 USD in MANA up for grabs, along with the chance to prominently display the game at DCLGX.

On the other hand, the Call for Games invites owners of existing games in Decentraland to apply for the opportunity to showcase their creations in one of the 10 positions available at DCLGX.

This gives visibility to already established games within the Decentraland community

The application process for both opportunities is currently underway and is set to conclude on May 10th.

Given the limited window, individuals and teams interested in participating should promptly submit their entries to secure their chance for involvement in this groundbreaking event.

This initiative serves as more than just a celebration of innovation and creativity within the realm of online gaming.

It also serves to underscore the vast potential inherent within Decentraland, positioning it as a frontrunner in the dynamic landscape of web3 gaming platforms.

Decentraland Game Expo promises to be a can’t-miss event for gaming enthusiasts, developers, and the curious alike.

With exciting opportunities to shine and attractive prizes up for grabs, the future of web3 gaming is about to get a vibrant showcase in the heart of Decentraland.

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