Derby Stars Devs Share Exciting Updates in the Alpha Build
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Derby Stars Devs Share Exciting Updates in the Alpha Build

The highly anticipated Alpha Build for Derby Stars is launching soon with lots of fun new features! Read on for all the key details about what players can expect in this updated version of the horse racing game.

The features will come live very soon, and things are about to become a lot more fun on the platform.

Rental System Makes the Game Accessible to All

Firstly, the Rental System allows new players to try Derby Stars for free by renting horses. So this will remove barriers to entry into the game.

Existing NFT holders also benefit from it, and they can earn rewards when they rent their unused horses to new players.

If demand exceeds supply, the game system provides “non-tradable” rental horses to ensure everyone can play. NFT horses are prioritized to prevent competition. Free rentals last two weeks, with paid long-term rentals coming soon.

Rental System Makes the Game Accessible to All

Seasons Add Excitement and Opportunity

Secondly, the seasonal competitions will not consider any preset rankings to keep things fair. So, it will help new players compete while motivating experienced players with new goals.

Shorter seasons enable faster reward distribution. Players earn points based on rankings, so even lower ranks get rewards. Each season has unique tracks and rules, preventing the same horses from dominating.

Final seasonal rewards are $RUN tokens based on points earned per horse. A future championship will also happen and will be between top point earners.

Seasons Add Excitement and Opportunity

The New Gloria Racetrack on Derby Stars

Thirdly, the versatile Gloria track has distances between 1000-3200 meters and offers straights, curves, and corners as well. Its urban backdrop creates an exciting nighttime atmosphere.

A large screen acts as a billboard and a broadcast visual. Various terrains keep races dynamic, letting different horse strengths shine. More map updates are coming to this track and others as well!

Test Out the Alpha Build on August 7th!

Finally, after lots of hard work, Alpha Build will launch soon with these and more new features! The dev team can’t wait for players to try the Alpha and look forward to the feedback.

Derby Stars keeps getting more fun for players, new and old! If you want to find more details on what each feature has to offer, be sure to check out the platform as well.

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