Gala Games and Universal Games Unveil Phantom Galaxies Early Access: An Epic Fusion of Sci-Fi and Mech Action
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Phantom Galaxies: A Pioneering Sci-Fi Adventure Set to Launch into Early Access

In the vast expanse of the gaming universe, a groundbreaking experience is on the horizon as Gala Games, in collaboration with Universal Games, prepares to unveil the highly anticipated Phantom Galaxies.

The Web3-powered sci-fi action RPG is set to enter Early Access on November 15, and with a mere 48 hours remaining, Rangers are eagerly anticipating the journey that lies ahead.

Phantom Galaxies, developed by Blowfish Studios, seamlessly merges the realms of open-world space simulation and fast-paced mech shooting.

The game unfolds against the aftermath of an interstellar war, where two factions, the Commonwealth and the Union, unite to form the elite Ranger Squadron.

Tasked with guarding human colonies at the fringes of known space, players assume the role of an ensign navigating a morphing Starfighter. Their mission? To confront formidable pirate groups and extraterrestrial adversaries, including the malicious Xanorra and the fearsome Sha’har zealots.

What sets Phantom Galaxies apart is its commitment to player customization and engagement.

With over 75,000 eager “Rangers” already on the Steam wishlist, the game promises an immersive experience where players can craft unique avatars, modify Starfighters to reflect tactical preferences, and engage in adrenaline-charged combat across celestial bodies and the void of space.

Whether flying solo or teaming up with fellow pilots online, the game offers a myriad of mecha options, allowing players to tailor their approach to fit offensive or defensive strategies.

The excitement doesn’t stop there, the game has also forged a partnership with Ultra, a next-gen gaming platform. This collaboration aims to enhance the user experience for Rangers, with the first 500 pilots downloading the game from the Ultra platform receiving special rewards.

The official Phantom Galaxies X account, serves as the beacon for updates and announcements

In their recent tweet, the community is reminded to assemble their crews and brace for lift-off.

The tweet includes direct links to wishlist the game on both Steam and Epic Games, offering players a seamless way to express their anticipation.

This is not merely a game; it’s an odyssey into uncharted gaming territories, promising combats against diverse enemy types, evolution through mastering new skills and weapons, and a journey through galaxies fraught with pirates and rogue groups.

Language compatibility in English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese ensures a global community can partake in this interstellar adventure.

In the upcoming days, as Phantom Galaxies takes center stage, the gaming world eagerly anticipates an extraordinary experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional gaming, ushering in a new era of blockchain-powered gaming.

Get ready, Rangers, for the countdown is almost complete, and the galaxies await your exploration.

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