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Spirit Force Arena Will Launch Exclusive Trial Version on HyperPlay

Aavegotchi brought excellent news to the crypto gaming community by introducing Spirit Force Arena, its first Battle Royale game, in the beta stage on the HyperPlay platform.

The launch features an exclusive early access trial version, available from November 17th at 5 PM UTC. In this phase, players can immerse themselves in the SPA experience, participate in thrilling matches, and compete to climb the leaderboards.

HyperPlay, as a pioneer in Web3 native games, aligns with Aavegotchi’s vision of creating rewarding crypto gaming experiences.

Spirit Force Arena Will Be a World Without Restrictions

The platform provides a perfect gaming environment by integrating wallets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), achievements, and tokens across all its games.

This enables an unrestricted gaming experience, supported by HyperPlay’s vision to empower both developers and players.

The platform features its own app store, the HyperPlay Store, where developers are exempt from platform taxes and censorship from the major web2 monopolies.

Additionally, HyperPlay aggregates popular stores like the Epic Game Store and GOG, offering players a wide range of options.

spirit force arena

Compatibility with all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chains and integration with MetaMask are essential aspects ensuring smooth asset utilization and flexibility for the player.

The strategic partnership between Aavegotchi and HyperPlay includes a series of initiatives. Spirit Force Arena will be the featured announcement at the HyperPlay launch.

It will also be showcased at the YGG Summit in Manila, selected as one of the top ten titles on HyperPlay, and various co-marketing and co-branding activities will take place.

Jacob, the CEO of Pixelcraft Studios, expressed his enthusiasm about the release of the Spirit Force Arena demo on HyperPlay, highlighting the potential of the alliance to reach a broad audience of players and web3 enthusiasts.

The deployment of Spirit Force Arena marks the beginning of a series of releases for Aavegotchi on the HyperPlay platform.

This collaboration not only represents a significant milestone for both parties but also reflects the growing convergence between technological innovation and the gaming industry.

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