Nakamoto Games Partners with Google Admob to Launch Watch2Earn
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Nakamoto Games Partners with Google Admob to Launch Watch2Earn

Nakamoto Games proudly announces the introduction of Watch2Earn into its already-diverse ecosystem. Advertising and promotion has always been an integral part of business. From time immemorial, many companies used this medium to create awareness about their products and services.

Considering the benefits, many establishments decided to reward individuals who watch promotional content. Nakamoto is taking a cue from this approach and improving it. Earlier on, the team hinted at virtual advertising. More so, this new earning mechanism will revolutionize the way people benefit from gaming experiences. By taking this approach, the team is expanding the variety of earning opportunities available to users.

Details of the Nakamoto Games Watch2Earn Mechanism

To properly introduce this new feature to its ecosystem, Nakamoto Games is collaborating with Google Admob. The team will be integrating Google’s advertising solution into its platform. Unlike the regular form of promotion, this mechanism will incorporate blockchain technology for transparency.

In addition, the Watch2Earn feature involves more than just viewing advertisements. Users will have some sense of purpose. They will undertake daily advertising tasks and share their feedback on new products that are being promoted. Furthermore, individuals will also enjoy exclusive access to review certain services before other users.

Meanwhile, people will not just be engaging in various tasks for no reason. In return for their services, these individuals will receive various in-game items as rewards. To register for this program, interested users should navigate to the Nakamoto Games Watch2Earn section. On the page, they can create an account and begin to watch ads.

The team has set up an earning process that includes 5 different tiers. As people engage in more promotional and complete tasks, they will climb up the ranks and get better rewards. In the beginning, people will enjoy a 50% share of the profit. By the 5th and highest level, users will keep 100% of the revenue generated from the initiative.

Other Upcoming Updates

Other Upcoming Updates

Away from the Watch2Earn mechanism, there are other updates coming to Nakamoto. For example, the team is adding new modes to the Netris Game. Players will get an elevated experience thanks to the new challenges. In addition, there is also another service that will accompany the Watch2Earn feature. Most of these product upgrades and additions are coming into effect this week.

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