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Merit Circle´s Gaming NFT Marketplace Sphere Will Now Be Compatible With Immutable’s Network

Merit Circle DAO, a gaming-focused entity, has just announced the expansion of its Sphere NFT platform and technology to Immutable’s zkEVM network, powered by Polygon. This strategic move adds to their existing presence on Avalanche, where they launched a subnet named Beam. The integration will make the Beam SDK, Beam Companion mobile apps, and the Sphere platform compatible with both Avalanche and Immutable zkEVM.

The strategic alliance between Merit Circle DAO and Immutable aligns with their shared mission of bringing digital ownership to gamers worldwide. James Ferguson, co-founder and CEO of Immutable, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the alignment of goals. Immutable’s zkEVM technology, backed by Polygon, is positioned as a key infrastructure for achieving digital ownership in the gaming space.

In this context, key tools from Immutable, such as the Immutable Passport crypto wallet and the Immutable Orderbook developer tool, are integrated into the Beam SDK and Sphere platform. This broadens options for both users and blockchain game developers.

Merit Circle DAO, with over $100 million in assets in its treasury, goes beyond technology. The entity is exploring investment opportunities in games and studios already building with Immutable, strategically aiming to strengthen its presence in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

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Merit Circle Takes a Multi-Chain Approach

It’s important to note that, despite expanding to Immutable zkEVM, Merit Circle DAO is not distancing itself from Avalanche. Marco van den Heuvel, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Merit Circle, stated they are excited about the expansion and will continue actively working on the Beam Subnet while maintaining their relationship with Avalanche.

The Beam technology, developed by Merit Circle DAO, is described as “chain-agnostic,” meaning it is compatible with multiple blockchains. This approach aligns with the vision of being present where gamers and developers are, providing flexibility in a diverse blockchain environment.

Merit Circle strategy reflects an emerging trend toward multi-chain approaches. Other projects, such as Horizon’s Sequence, Magic Eden, and Portal Foundation, have also adopted solutions that support multiple networks, underscoring the importance of interoperability in the blockchain gaming space.

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