Warrix Sport and D.OASIS City Unveil Epic Collab in The Sandbox
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Warrix Sport and D.OASIS City Unveil Epic Collab in The Sandbox

The iconic D.OASIS City has teamed up with huge sports brand Warrix for an epic gaming event in The Sandbox. Launching today, “D.OASIS City x Warrix: Rise of the 10th Legend” will offer players a unique sports and entertainment world.

The collaboration celebrates over a decade of Warrix’s amazing apparel and their role with Thailand’s national teams. Get ready to become the next top athlete in this ultimate sports city in The Sandbox!

Step Into the Shoes of a Star Player

Firstly, D.OASIS City x Warrix empowers you to live the life of a professional sports hero. So, you’ll feel like the elite athlete out on the field or court competing for the title.

In the experience, you’ll see iconic locations that tell the stories of Warrix’s 10-year sports legacy. Also, see the Warrix Shop stacked with new jerseys and digital assets that capture the brand’s spirit. Hence, take on sports challenges that promise non-stop fun and thrill!

Step Into the Shoes of a Star Player

Score Limited Edition NFT Rewards in The Sandbox

Secondly, completing all the quests in the experience gives you a chance to win special NFT prizes from the Warrix 10-Year Collection. These include 100 Basketball Armor NFTs, 100 Mr. Basketball Head NFTs, 100 Speed Shoe NFTs, and 100 Golf Club Blade NFTs.

So, to enter the giveaway, players must finish all experience quests, have a verified Sandbox account, and also pass fraud checks for fair play.

Additionally, this epic collab unites the worlds of sports, gaming, and fashion. Therefore, players can live out their pro athlete dreams with D.OASIS City and Warrix while collecting ultra-rare digital items.

Score Limited Edition NFT Rewards in The Sandbox

A Peek Inside the D.OASIS City x Warrix Experience

Finally, once inside the action-packed experience, here’s some of the things that you can expect:

  • The Arena

Battle head-to-head in intense sports games in front of a packed stadium crowd. Prove you’ve got what it takes!

  • The Warrix Shop

Browse shelves of limited jerseys and sports assets that blend real-life designs with digital awesomeness.

  • Extreme Challenges

Take on larger-than-life obstacle courses and adrenaline-pumping competitions only suited for top athletes.

Collectible Showcases

Discover trophy displays and cases full of rare gear chronicling Warrix’s 10 years of sports stories.

This collab on the platform is the first stage in an ongoing partnership between D.OASIS City and Warrix. It ushers in a new era of hybrid physical-digital experiences and products for sports fans. So, get in early for your shot at the rewards and NFTs that await in The Sandbox!

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