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ACE Arenas: Fusionist Presents its New Pixel-Style MOBA Game


  • Fusionist announces ACE Arenas, a new pixelated graphics MOBA game with modern mechanics.
  • The game will feature 16 heroes and 5 main classes, along with 4 different competitive game modes.
  • The main currency of the game, $gACE, will be exchangeable with $ACE, allowing players to earn $ACE within the game.

Fusionist has announced the launch of ACE Arenas, a new MOBA-style game with pixelated graphics. The aim is to combine nostalgic elements with modern gameplay mechanics, making it an appealing proposition for MOBA enthusiasts and fans of pixel art.

One of the most interesting features of ACE Arenas concerns the game’s economy. Players will be able to use $ACE for various transactions within the game. Additionally, owning an ACE Avatar NFT will not only grant access to the beta but also provide in-game advantages, such as increased combat power for heroes and the possibility to earn rewards in $ACE.

The game features a variety of heroes, classes, and game modes. In total, there will be 16 different heroes and 5 main classes. Players will have the freedom to choose a character that suits their playstyle. Additionally, there will be 4 different competitive modes, each with its own rules and challenges. This will ensure a diverse experience for those who enjoy being able to enjoy different modes in the same game.

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ACE Arenas Will Have Its Own Economy

Another important point will be the main currency within the game, $gACE, which will be used as in-game currency and will be exchangeable with $ACE at a rate of 100 $gACE = 1 $ACE. This gives players the opportunity to earn $ACE within the game and use it to enhance their gaming experience or acquire cosmetic items and other articles.

Lastly, ACE Arenas will feature a Battle Pass system that offers exclusive rewards to players who participate in it. By purchasing the Battle Pass, players can gain access to seasonal heroes, tickets, battle points, and other exclusive rewards. This builds a progression system that provides players with additional motivation to play and improve in the game.

With its combination of pixelated graphics, modern gameplay mechanics, and the use of blockchain technology in the game, ACE Arenas promises to be a success among gamers worldwide.

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