Voxie Tactics Launches on Unity Engine on April 29th
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Voxie Tactics Launches on Unity Engine on April 29th


  • Voxie Tactics Launch: The game is launching on the Unity Engine on April 29th, promising enhanced graphics and a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Web3 Gaming Innovation: As a trailblazer in blockchain gaming, Voxie Tactics offers players true asset ownership and a significant role in the game’s ecosystem.
  • Unity Engine Benefits: The transition to Unity boosts the game’s visuals, gameplay, and economy, with broader platform support and a commitment to continual updates and growth.

Voxie Tactics is set to launch on the Unity Engine on April 29th, marking a significant milestone for the innovative strategy game. Developed by AlwaysGeeky Games, Voxie Tactics promises to deliver a deep and engaging blockchain gaming experience, leveraging the robust capabilities of the Unity Engine to bring high-quality graphics and design to life.

From its inception as a pioneering Web3 game on the Polygon network and Binance Launchpad, Voxie Tactics has been at the forefront of the blockchain gaming revolution. It has granted its community genuine asset ownership, transforming players from mere participants to integral contributors within the game’s ecosystem.

Transitioning to Unity represents a pivotal achievement for Voxie Tactics, enhancing the game’s aesthetic appeal and interactive elements, thereby providing a more engaging and robust gaming experience. This advancement is a testament to the relentless dedication and hard work of the AlwaysGeeky Games team, who are committed to offering a top-tier gaming experience to their dedicated community.

Steven Ball, the Founder and CEO of AlwaysGeeky Games, expressed his enthusiasm for the Unity launch, stating that the introduction of Unity is a pivotal moment for the Voxies ecosystem, positioning it as a foundational pillar in the realm of Web3 gaming. 

Earning VOXEL Tokens: The Fun Way

Voxie Tactics Launches on Unity Engine on April 29th

His confidence is unwavering in their ability to fortify the game’s base, significantly enhancing aspects from gameplay to security measures. This enhancement is not only a leap forward for immediate improvements but also paves the way for seamless future growth and development of the game. Moreover, it reinforces our robust in-game economy that is driven by the VOXEL token.

  • Upgraded Visuals and Performance: Anticipate a visual feast with enhanced graphics and animations that breathe new life into the dynamic world of Voxie Tactics.
  • Refined Gameplay Dynamics: The Unity Engine elevates the game’s mechanics, delivering a gameplay experience that’s smoother and more intuitive than ever.
  • Innovative Reward Mechanism: A revamped reward system awaits players, offering fresh and exciting ways to earn VOXEL tokens.
  • Streamlined Game Access: With the introduction of broader platform support, including Mac and Mobile, accessing Voxie Tactics will be more straightforward in 2024.
  • Progressive Development Path: Unity’s integration signifies a fluid progression for Voxie Tactics, promising a steady flow of new content, game modes, updates, and partnerships to continually enhance the game’s universe.

In light of the Unity launch, AlwaysGeeky Games extends an invitation to both veteran players and newcomers to join the celebration. Mark your calendars: Voxie Tactics Remastered goes live on Monday, April 29th, 2024. Stay tuned for more details on the Unity Engine update by visiting Voxies.io and following Voxie Tactics across social media platforms.

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