Benefits of Joining Yield Guild Games
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What are The Benefits of Joining Yield Guild Games?

Although there are multiple gaming guilds, very few come close to YGG as it is often called. Besides being one of the oldest platform, it remains one of the few with a deeply rooted community of GameFi enthusiasts. From the quality of gameplay options in its portfolio to several competitions, there are many benefits of joining Yield Guild Games. Some of these upsides will be identified in this review.

Understanding YGG

Yield guild Games (or YGG as it is fondly called) is a blockchain gaming guild. The organization consists of web3 gamers, investors and managers. Their sole aim is to provide in-game resources to players who cannot afford them. This initiative is crucial to the growth of GameFi, considering that the buy-ins of most games are pricey. As such, not everyone can afford it.

The establishment was created during the COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2022. Launched in the Philippines, it helped people living in rural communities to earn money engaging in play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity. The NGO provided interested individuals with Axie Infinity NFTs and $AXS tokens with which to begin playing. As they earn from gaming, they will pay back their buy-ins to the guild.

Benefits of Joining Yield Guild Games

Player Benefits of Joining Yield Guild Games

Between 2020 and today, YGG has grown beyond just enabling rural settlers play games to offering so much more. The platform has grown to having g its own governance token – $YGG. At the moment, there are even more benefits of joining Yield Guild Games than before. Some of these gains include:

  • Wide Variety of Gameplay Portfolio: Gamers who join YGG will have access to a wide variety of gameplay options. They include, but are not limited to Genopets, MOBOX, Nitro League, Sipher, MOBLand,War Riders, Space Misfits, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Ember Sword, Guild of Guardians, etc. The size of their portfolio is as impressive as its diversity. They range from action-based, to arcade, racing and simulation games. As such, the guild is sure to cater for the needs of every gamer.
  • Community Events: Besides the regular gameplay, Yield Guild Games managers also organizes various tournaments and other community-centred events. They range from AMAs to mentorship program and gaming contests. More so, this ensures that players get to interact with other community members and build bonds outside GameFi.
  • Significant Return on Investments: Even if you are not interested in blockchain gaming, there are still benefits for joining Yield Guild Games. As mentioned earlier, the platform involves Investors and Managers. Considering the wide range of options, it is certain that more players will join in. As more users get scholarship and other assistance, they will repay the guild. In turn, investors will get more returns on investment.

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