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Illuvium Launches Illuvium Advent Calendar Daily Rewards Campaign

The play-to-earn game metaverse, Illuvium, has partnered with DeQuest to launch its end-of-the-year campaign, Illuvium Advent Calendar Daily Rewards. To introduce the holiday cheers, the game platform will hold 25 days of activities leading to December 25. Each day will introduce a new quest.

Participants have the opportunity to win tokens, merchandise, tokens, and more rewards as they complete different tasks. Illuvium has requested its users to explore the Illuvium Advent Calendar on DeQuest to discover the different ways they can earn raffle entries.

What is Illuvium Christmas DeQuest?

DeQuest is a gaming hub hosting the Illuvium Christmas campaign. The platform has a list of Quests that participants can participate in to earn exciting rewards. To access these quests, you must sign in to the platform and complete the registration process.

Each participant is eligible to open a single account, and you must remember the details of the wallet used for signing up. You must also connect your social accounts and other wallets to your single account.


According to the game platform, participants are not advised to use mobile devices for this event as the experience will be best on the Desktop version. The platform also revealed it included multiple measures to prevent multiple account usage and bots.

Participants who try to violate the event rules will be banned and prevented from participating in the contests or earning any reward.

How to Complete the Daily Rewards Quests

Participants can access all Quests the same way. The first step is to click on the “Open Quest” button on the platform and then click “Open”. This will redirect you to an activity page where you must click the “Verify” button to complete the quests.

It is essential to follow the Quest rules to earn the associated rewards. It is worth noting that some Social Quests may take a while to get verified. When you complete a Quest, you earn Points. You can spend these Points on the Marketplace to buy a raffle spot.

Lucky winners in the raffle draw will receive a notification through Illuvium or DeQuest Socials or an email. The game platform emphasizes the need to complete all Quests associated with a raffle on the Marketplace to qualify for the prize.

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