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Blockchain Games Editor's picks Shooter

Shrapnel Cracks Down on Cheaters: Permanently Bans Users for Unfair Play

TL;DR Shrapnel implements strong measures against game manipulation, permanently excluding users who use strategies such as “teaming” and “account sharing”. The company has implemented detection systems to identify and prevent these practices. Removing users who...
Blockchain Games Editor's picks Play to Earn

DeFi Kingdoms Reveals Important Changes to Crafting and Existing Combat Potions

TL;DR DeFi Kingdoms announces updates to combat potions to improve accessibility and balance the game. Manufacturing costs for potions are drastically reduced, making it more economical and faster to obtain essential potions. Existing potions are...
Blockchain Games Editor's picks Play to Earn

Axie Infinity: Important Updates For Origins Season 7 Mystic Era and Addresses Juggling Issues

TL;DR Axie Infinity implements anti-juggling measures to promote fairness in competition. Season 7: Mystic Era offers significant rewards worth a total of almost $200,000 in prizes in AXS and SLP. The Axie Infinity player community...

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