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Splinterlands Launches New Weekly Challenge: Battle Mage Secrets


  • Splinterlands introduces the weekly challenge “Battle Mage Secrets” to test players’ skills in creating strategies under specific rules.
  • The “Healed Out” rule set removes all healing abilities, challenging players to adapt their strategies without this essential resource.
  • Participants must share a video of a battle that complies with the established rules and tag their posts with the hashtags #splinterlands and #play2earn to be considered for the challenge.

The popular blockchain-based collectible card game, Splinterlands, has announced a new weekly challenge for its player community. Dubbed “Battle Mage Secrets,” it aims to test players’ skills in designing teams and battle strategies under specific rules.

The challenge focuses on the “Healed Out” rule set, which involves the removal of all healing abilities, both for units and summoners. This restriction forces players to adapt their battle strategies and team compositions, as healing will not be available as a strategic resource during battles.

To participate in the challenge, players must share a video of one of their battles that meets the established rules. The submission deadline is two days before the post payout, allowing curators to review all entries in time for evaluation.

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Guidelines and Rules: Splinterlands Aims to Prevent Multiaccounting

Participants must correctly tag their posts with the hashtags #splinterlands and #play2earn to be considered for the challenge. Additionally, guidance on post formatting will be provided to ensure clear and orderly presentation.

Those players who comply with all the rules will receive positive votes from the official Splinterlands account, @steemmonsters. Furthermore, the platform emphasizes the importance of fair play. Warning that any attempt to participate with more than one account will result in sanctions.

It is important to note that positive votes are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the curators. Post curation will be done manually, which may result in delays due to the time needed for the voting power to fully recover.

Once again, Splinterlands tests the strategic skills of its players. The rules and guidelines for fair play will make this challenge an exciting event for all involved players.

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