Duet Monsters Starts its First-Ever Tournament
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Duet Monsters Starts its First-Ever Tournament


  • Duet Monsters organizes its first tournament to celebrate its alpha launch.
  • Players compete for the chance to win an Axie of Origin, with prizes going to the top three in the rankings.
  • The tournament will take place from May 10 to 17, offering valuable rewards in ETH and USD.

Duet Monsters, the exciting game developed by Sky Mavis in collaboration with Cadenverse, is ready to kick off its first tournament in celebration of its alpha launch.

Players from all over the world are invited to participate in this unique competition where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and strategies to dominate the game.

The tournament, scheduled to take place from May 10 to 17, promises exciting battles where participants will compete in search of a prized Axie of Origin.

This valuable prize will be awarded to the first three places in the ranking, which adds an additional incentive for the most ambitious competitors.

With an approximate value of 0.25 ETH each, equivalent to around $800 USD based on current prices, Origin Axies become a desired target for many players.

This ensures a fierce and exciting competition, as participants will do their best to secure their position on the final podium.

To participate in the tournament, players must download Duet Monsters from the App Store, Google Play Store, or Mavis Hub.

By completing your first 10 test matches, you will receive a skill rating (MMR) which will determine your opponents in the tournament.

Duet Monsters Starts its First-Ever Tournament

Get ready for the Duet Monsters competition

Players are encouraged to focus on SLP matches to earn double MMR points, thus accelerating their rise in the rankings.

In addition to in-game battles, participants can complete daily missions to earn SLP, the in-game currency, which will allow them to participate in more SLP matches and increase their chances of victory.

With the tournament about to begin, Duet Monsters players are fine-tuning their strategies and preparing to take on the best competitors in this blockchain-game.

The excitement is at its peak as everyone waits for the start of this epic digital battle where only the most skilled and dedicated will manage to reach the top of the ranking and claim their well-deserved prize.

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