Guild of Guardians Presents its Highly-Expected Global Launch Roadmap
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Guild of Guardians Presents its Highly-Expected Global Launch Roadmap


  • Act 1: The Dread is Here (Launch on May 15, 2024) – Guild of Guardians will debut globally, inviting players to form squads and battle The Dread for a chance to win part of the US$1 million in $GOG rewards, with special NFTs for top leaderboard performers and a unique web3 sale featuring Tamamo in June.
  • Act 2: Guardians Unite (Begins June 26, 2024) – The focus shifts to social gameplay with guilds leading cooperative raids, crafting, and auctions. A roadshow in the Philippines and partnerships aim to strengthen the game’s community and engagement.
  • Act 3: Divine Beasts Emerge (Starting August 15, 2024) – Pets will be introduced as companions offering passive skills, with the ability to merge pets for enhanced abilities and new active pet battle skills, enriching the gameplay experience.

Guild of Guardians, the highly-anticipated blockchain-based fantasy RPG, is poised to embark on a momentous journey with its global launch. As the curtain rises on Act 1, players worldwide are eagerly anticipating the unfolding saga that promises adventure, camaraderie, and epic battles against The Dread.

Act 1: The Dread is Here

Scheduled for May 15, 2024, Act 1 marks the grand unveiling of Guild of Guardians on the global stage. Players will assemble their squads, ready to confront The Dread—an ominous force threatening the realm. The launch event promises epic challenges and fantastic prizes, including up to a staggering US$1 million worth of $GOG rewards. 

Exclusive Founder NFTs and Ascendant Seals await top performers on the Leaderboard. Additionally, Guild of Guardians has partnered with Immutable zkEVM to offer Quests, granting players a share of the $50 million in rewards available through the Main Quest. Keep an eye out for Tamamo, the elusive Goddess of Foxes, whose cunning power will be revealed in the world’s first post-launch web3 sale in June.

Guild of Guardians Presents its Highly-Expected Global Launch Roadmap

Act 2: Guardians Unite

On June 26, 2024, Act 2 shifts the spotlight to social gameplay. Guilds take center stage, fostering collaboration through cooperative features like raids, leaderboards, artifact crafting, and auctions. Players band together, conquering challenges and climbing the ranks. The synergy of guilds promises exponential growth, fueled by community-driven experiences. 

Guild of Guardians is already engaging in a roadshow with Yield Guild Games in the Philippines, with Cebu as the next stop on May 18th. Media briefings and influencer partnerships ensure a strong launch, and the game’s content creators are poised to make their mark.

Act 3: Divine Beasts Emerge

Arriving on August 15, 2024, Act 3 introduces pets to Elderym. These loyal companions contribute passive skills, enhancing player efficiency. Existing pets will be integrated, and players can merge duplicates to boost their abilities. Active pet battle skills promise interactive gameplay experiences, adding depth to the world of Guild of Guardians.

As the gaming industry knows, success is rarely a linear path. Guild of Guardians remains committed to its mission: onboarding millions of players into the web3 universe. With a clear roadmap and unwavering community support, the game sets sail toward a future where adventure knows no bounds. 

Stay tuned—the melody of Guild of Guardians awaits, resonating with the strength and unity of its players. Together, they’ll shape a world that endures for years to come.

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