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Everdome Presents In-Platform Economy Focused on Real Metaverse Use Cases


  • Everdome unveils its plans to renew and revitalize its internal economic structure.
  • It aims to build a sustainable ecosystem based on various revenue streams. Such as rentals, premium features, and ticket sales.
  • The platform will become a hub for creators, offering opportunities from space development to diverse experiences, benefiting landowners, Genesis NFT holders, and active creators.

Everdome has revealed its plans to implement a planned economic structure within its platform. The announcement follows the successful integration of creator-led spaces and the launch of its 2024 roadmap. Attention is now focused on the details of Everdome’s internal economic system, which seeks to offer real use cases in the metaverse, promote user engagement, and generate sustainable revenue.

Everdome’s main goal is to build a solid and sustainable ecosystem, and to achieve this, it plans to implement a robust economic model. This model will be based on revenue sharing from various sources, including space rentals, premium features, event ticket sales, subscriptions, and sponsorships. More revenue channels are expected to be added as the platform grows.

Everdome will emphasize a creator-led economy. Recognizing their increasing importance in the digital economy, the platform is evolving to be a hub for these individuals. From the outset, They will focus on providing opportunities for creators, starting with space development and expanding to a variety of experiences as needs evolve over time.

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Everdome Envisions an Ecosystem Designed for Content Creators

Platform members, including landowners, Genesis NFT collectors, and active creators, will benefit from this economic model. They will be offered benefits and rewards, such as free or discounted access to premium features and other advantages. Additionally, they will share in the platform’s generated revenue. Providing them an opportunity to benefit from Everdome’s long-term success.

Everdome emphasizes its commitment to transparency and agility in developing its ecosystem. While these economic plans represent an initial vision. The company is committed to providing more detailed information and specific dates as the product develops and matures.

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