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Crypto Raiders to Hold its First Power Level Tournament

An NFT-based play-to-earn dungeon crawler built on PolygonCrypto Raiders, has announced the launch of a new event. The game platform will hold its first Power Level Tournament slated to start on March 10. This event will enable players to compete for the top. 

Each player will submit a Raider with 0XP and the Raider will be assigned an account. The platform will preload the account with two Scroll of Knowledge and 200 keys. 

These resources will equip each Raider submitted to duel and raid dungeons, earn gear, and level up to contend in the Power Level Tournament. Raiders will compete with each other in the tournament. All Raiders will be burned after the tournament except the winner.

Highlights of the Invitation Structure

The first Power Level Event will have six different invite distributions. These distributions are the top 8 from Alpha Invitational, January Invitational, and February Invitational. It also includes Bottom 12 constantly playing Duelists, 8, POAP Holders, and 20 randomly drawn accounts

If a Raider already qualifies for other criteria, their spot will be randomly drawn from the pool. This structure will enable multiple gamers to participate irrespective of their Duel ranking at the moment. It will give all participants the same fair chance to participate and stand a chance to win in the tournament.

crypto raiders

What is the Prize Structure in the Power Level Tournament?

Sixteen prizes have been earmarked for this event. A total of $25,000 will be given to all winners in $AURUM. That means winners will earn their prizes in the in-game token, which is $AURUM. Here is the highlight of the prize structure for winners:

  • 1st prize – $7,500
  • 2nd prize – $4,750
  • 3rd prize – $3,500
  • 4th prize – $2,250
  • 5th – 8th prize – $750
  • 9th – 16th prize – $500

Highlights of the Tournament Schedule

Selected players will get an invite to participate in the Power Level Event on March 7. Participants must submit Raider latest by March 10. After submission, they pave until 12: 00 pm CST on March 19 to level up and then earn gear to participate in the official tournament. Players that will enter the tournament via random drawings will be chosen on March 8. 

Holders of Duel Alpha Invitational POAP and other community members can also participate in the event by filling out a Google Form. The details of how to get the form can be found on the official Twitter page of Crypto Raiders.

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