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Axie Infinity Introduces Axie Infinity: Homeland

The play-to-earn game platform, Axie Infinity, has announced the introduction of the Axie Infinity: Homeland, its flagship land-based gaming experience. Players can begin to build their villages on the stunning Lunacia planet.

They also get to steer their axies as they craft, build, and harvest their way to a more beautiful and stronger homeland. Players also get to equip the native adventurers with critical supplies, armor, and weapons to battle against and defeat hordes of monsters.

According to the game platform, Axie Infinity: Homeland is now available on Desktop via Mavis Hub on Mac and Windows. It is worth mentioning that this experience is only available to landholders in the metaverse.

How to Play Axie Infinity: Homeland

As mentioned by Axie Infinity, the Alpha is only available to users on Mac and PC through Mavis Hub. Additionally, it is playable only by Landowners. Players who do not own land plots can purchase them on App.axie.

All a player has to do in playing this game is to guide their axies as they build, plant, produce, harvest, and push the boundaries of technology. They also have to equip native adventurers with supplies and equipment as they fight against hordes of monsters. 

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What you Get by Successfully Playing the Axie Infinity: Homeland Alpha

Successful players in the Alpha will gain mastery of interconnected gaming loops. The highlights of these are enumerated below:

  • Collect and store natural resources with high-level precision.
  • Improve workflow and task assignments of working Axies for the highest efficiency.
  • Create structures to enable item production, storage, and growth of the settlement’s population
  • Trade with native Adventurers and other landowners to earn in-game currency.
  • Build weapons, supplies, items, and weapons to aid native adventurers in battles.
  • Equip native adventurers with the best resources and move them to battle against monsters
  • Compete against fellow landowners in the leaderboard 
  • Display your style and creativity through the design and decoration of your land plot.

According to the platform, the use of NFT Land plots and placement of NFT Land items are the only in-game on-chain mechanics available in the game for now.

Additionally, the game is celebrating the iconic release of the Axie Infinity: Homeland with its Season 0 Alpha Launch Contest. The top players will get special in-game titles for attaining the highest ranks during the season.

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