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Job Tribes to Host PlayMining Cup on January 7, 2023

The first workplace role-based blockchain game, Job Tribes, has announced the upcoming Job Tribes PvP Arena Ranking Battle – PlayMining Cup. This event is to celebrate the collaboration between Job Tribes and PlayMining Titles. The event is slated to start from January 7 at 14:00 to January 8 at 13:59 UTC+8. The platform will announce the winners on January 10, 2023. According to the game platform, the PvP Arena Ranking battle is a tournament with unique rules that empowers the in-game amulets of PlayMining Titles.

The team also mentioned that the schedule can change without notice. Therefore, players should regularly check Job Tribes’ social media pages for the latest information on the event.

Highlights of Rules for the PlayMining Cup Event

The Platform stated that it will significantly enhance the performance of some in-game amulets. These amulets include:

  • Epic (Soul Fusers) Ignitto and Game Producer (Earth)
  • Epic (Soul Fusers) Ignilord and Crab Fisherman (Thunder)
  • Epic (Soul Fusers) Dragnarise and Cabaret Girl (Poison)
  • Epic (Menya Dragon Ramen’s) Jaku Rong and Ancient Chinese General (Fire)
  • Epic (Menya Dragon Ramen’s) Ran Raylin and Ramen Restaurant Owner (Water)
  • Rare (Goal Seekers) Male Football Player and Beautician (Water)
  • Rare (Goal Seekers) Female Football Player and Sports Trainer (Thunder)
  • Rare (Graffiti Racer) Vivi and Online Streamer (Fire)
  • Rare (Graffiti Racer) Chachamaru and Gardener (Nature)
  • Rare (Hero Spiral) Freyja and DEP Trader (Poison)
  • Rare (Kamiyagura) Knight of Despair “Tiptone” and Game Programmer (Earth)

Epic amulets will receive enhancement by 3.0 times, and Rare amulets will receive the same by 3.3 times. Additionally, Job Tribes said it will increase the HP and the recovery effects of all Amulets by 1.5 times. 

However, there will be no particular attribute enhancements, and players cannot use the Support Skills and debt until the end of the three turns. Players who compete in this event will rank with PvP Arena points.

Highlights of the Prize

Participants will earn DEAPcoin and PALEcoin as rewards. 100 participants will receive 5,000 PALEcoin each and different amounts of DEAPcoin based on their position. 

For instance, the first to third will receive 100,000 DEAPcoin, 20,000 DEAPcoin, and 10,000 DEAPcoin respectively. The 4th to 20th ranked players will receive 2,000 DEAPcoin, while the 21st to 40th will receive 1000 DEAPcoin.

Players ranked 41st to 100th will receive 500 DEAPcoin, while up to 1000th ranked players will share 40,000 PALEcoin as rewards.

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