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What do I need to start playing Sidus Heroes?

Sidus Heroes has been making significant waves in recent times. There has been a lot to anticipate, from product launches to updates. Recently, we issued a review on the cost of playing Sidus Heroes. In that article, we detailed the monetary requirements for entering this GameFi program.

This time around, we are examining other non-financial eligibility players must fulfil to begin playing this game. This includes: knowledge of the game, specific digital assets and many others. In simpler terms, it is about everything that will ensure your experience is seamless.

What do You Need to Start Playing Sidus Heroes?

Before delving into playing Sidus Heroes, you must understand that there are two different games in this ecosystem. Battle Arena is the more popular and first option in the gaming ecosystem. However, the team recently launched Xenna via a public beta on the 22nd of December 2022.

To properly educate users, we will be examining each of these modes and their requirements.

Battle Arena

For those who are new to Sidus Heroes, Battle Arena is a PVP form of gaming within the ecosystem. It involves pitching players against one another in duels. The winner will receive token and NFT rewards. Interested persons must own a Sidus Academy Card NFT or Genesis Hero. Once you have either of these assets, the system will assign your character to one of the 12 factions. You can construct structures, and boost your army strength with your avatars.

This form of gameplay is play to earn. It is only available on Windows devices. Users must have a Google Chrome Browser Installed on a personal computer with screen resolution of 1920 by 1080. If you have a PC that meets these requirements, access the NFT marketplace to purchase a Hero and login to the Sidus Heroes website to begin your adventure.


Playing Sidus Heroes Xenna

Xenna is a new battle royale game that was launched by Sidus Heroes in December 2022. Unlike Battle Arena, this new gameplay option is free-to-play. Genesis Collection owners will receive free NFT Heroes via an Airdrop. Those who do not have these digital assets can purchase them from OpenSea. Instead of Windows, this game is available on Android devices.

Only the Battler mode is available during the beta test. During this period, 10 users will join battles within 6 minutes to capture towers. Only the final survivor will win.

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