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What do I need to start playing Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is one of the most promising blockchain games. It promises a significant shift from what is obtainable within the GameFi sector. This includes a free-to-play approach and the exclusion of PVP gameplay option. Meanwhile, the team just concluded an Alpha test in 2022, leaving many users wanting to start playing the game.

Details of the Guild of Guardians

Before discussing how to start playing Guild of Guardians, it is vital to examine the game properly. This will help us understand this GameFi program and ascertain if it is worth it.

That said, Guild of Guardians is a multiplayer, fantasy-action RPG developed by Stepico on the Immutable platform. Over the course of gameplay, players will develop and implement strategies to outwit their opponents. To enable users to become actual owners of their assets, the team hosts non-fungible tokens on the ERC-721 network.

The gameplay features the following:

  • Guild Raids
  • Guild PVP
  • Land gameplay
  • User-generated dungeons
  • Global eSports tournaments
  • Social hang-out and trading zones

Speaking of assets, they range from in-game characters to weapons and other accessories. Each avatar has specific elements while belonging to different Classes and Elements. Meanwhile, there will be a max level to which you can upgrade your Hero. Once you get to that stage, it can no longer be improved.

The faction your character belongs to determines its type, strengths, weaknesses, advantage over adversaries and access to drop tables. On the other hand, your Hero’s class determines the type of weapon you can equip it with. Not all abilities will be active and have devastating effects, like healing an entire team or dealing massive damage. Some passive qualities will grant your avatar buffs and effects.

Despite being free to play, users can still earn tokens daily. They can use their rewards to purchase in-game assets or withdraw them on third-party cryptocurrency exchanges.

What do I Need to Start Playing Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians Staking

To begin your journey, you must have a Hero. Players will obtain Heroes by summoning them. You can do this by purchasing a summon on the NFT marketplace. However, the last round of non-fungible tokens has been sold. As such, interested persons must either wait till the next sale or purchase from other players on OpenSea.

On the other hand, you can get a hero by playing the game and earning summoning shards. However, you may still require purchasing weapons on the NFT marketplace.

The details contained here were gotten from the Guild of Guardians FAQ page and Portal.

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