Dr. Bomkus’ Trial 5: Lab Rats Begins in The Sandbox
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Dr. Bomkus’ Trial 5: Lab Rats Begins in The Sandbox

The Sandbox, a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences, has launched the fifth trial in the Dr. Bomkus’ Trials series, titled “Lab Rats”. Mastermind scientist Dr. Bomkus has been tirelessly preparing his latest invention, but something has gone awry! Now, he needs your help. 

Dr. Bomkus has designed a sequence of six trials to identify the truly exceptional. These trials, each set in a unique world, offer a series of time challenges that will push even the most adept players to their limits. A competitive leaderboard accompanies each trial. The six worlds will be revealed sequentially, providing players with new and exciting experiences every week.

Players Can Compete for Prizes and Crystals in a Time-Sensitive Challenge Set in a Unique World

The “Lab Rats” trial is part of a sequence of six time-sensitive trials with unique worlds. Only holders of Bomkus Passes can join the game’s competitive Leaderboards to vie for prizes. The prizes include Crystals — exchangeable for $SAND and sought-after NFTs — and entry into the prize pool of a collective 195,000 $SAND.

Dr. Bomkus’ Trial 5: Lab Rats Begins in The Sandbox

The choice of how to utilize your Bomkus Pass is entirely in your hands. You have the option to retain it for personal use, distribute it among your acquaintances, or even offer it for sale on the aftermarket to heighten the rivalry. Possession of a Bomkus Pass enables you to participate in the competition and become eligible for rewards, irrespective of whether you own a LAND or an Avatar.

The rewards for each of the six leaderboards are allocated in the following manner: the top-ranked player receives 1 Crystal, those ranked 2-10 are awarded 5,000 $SAND, players ranked 11-500 receive $200 SAND, and those ranked 501-1000 are given 100 $SAND. These Crystals serve a specific purpose – they are used to enhance Dr. Bomkus’ Vault. Each of the six trials is associated with a different color of Crystal.

The trials were initiated on October 25th at 2pm UTC and concluded on December 6th at the same time. The rewards can be claimed by the players on December 20th. Furthermore, Dr. Bomkus’ Vault, which is used for Crystal exchanges, will be accessible from January 10th, 2024.

Whether you’re a veteran competitor in The Sandbox or a newcomer eager to explore, all are invited to delve into the enchanting world of Dr. Bomkus. Here, you can push your boundaries, and perhaps even discover treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Embark on this adventure!

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