Star Atlas Unveils The Ship Configuration System V3
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Star Atlas Unveils The Ship Configuration System V3

Star Atlas is unveiling the Ship Configuration System V3. This is the third generation of the process of assembling in-game space vessels The aim of this new model is to improve on the existing options. While revealing this new update, the team also shared insights as to what is obtainable in configuring their spaceships.

In addition to outlining the swapping and upgrade abilities of assets, Star Atlas also gave some background knowledge on the evolution of this system. This ranges from the early GAO Phase 1 Era to the V2 update.

However, there was some negative feedback from players. Some of these issues included the following:

  • There are mismatches between ship descriptions and their actual configurations.
  • The “Make Component Variance Table” and the “Make Bonuses” did not work well together.
  • Actual pricing did not match the manufacturer premia and bonuses of certain digital assets.

Considering these issues, the team has to revamp the system. Hence, the need for developing the V3 configuration

Details of the Star Atlas Ship Configuration System V3

Details of the Star Atlas Ship Configuration System V3

Several changes will be taking place as the Ship Configuration V3 goes live. First of all, Star Atlas has already adjusted the descriptions of ships in the Galactic Marketplace to match their configurations. In this regard, an NFT having the description “oversized Weapon” means that the ship has an oversized hardpoint.

However, the team is changing the term “oversized” with “higher quality” when it comes to a ship’s components. The reason is that the term higher quality sounds better than oversized.

Furthermore, Star Atlas is removing the whole component variance table. Going forward, all core filling components will be arranged into slots according to their class. XXX-Small, XX-Small, Medium, and Large classes of ship parts will be grouped together. This new system will make configuration more seamless.

Despite this change, people will still be able to combine diverse components in separate classes. However, this will cause players to consume more energy than they normally do. Nonetheless, combining a variety of spaceship parts can significantly improve the performance of your vessel.

Instead of the ship, the manufacturer bonus will now apply to the component itself. This means that if players install a Pearce Warp Drive on a Busan ship, the player will get a Pearce Warp Drive bonus. Star Atlas is introducing this measure in the Configuration System V3 to remove any issues that will breed confusion among players.

Despite the early announcement, the Third Generation Configuration will not go live immediately. However, the changes will be added to the Star Atlas Labs website once the devs are done.

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