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Blockchain Games Editor's picks Solana

Star Atlas SAGE Labs Dev Tools is Now Available for Content Creators and Solana Builders

Star Atlas is opening its doors to Solana builders and content creators by launching the SAGE Labs Dev Tools. Going forward, individuals will be able to integrate their decentralized apps and projects into the open...
Blockchain Games Editor's picks MMORPG

Star Atlas Unveils The Ship Configuration System V3

Star Atlas is unveiling the Ship Configuration System V3. This is the third generation of the process of assembling in-game space vessels The aim of this new model is to improve on the existing options....
Blockchain Games Editor's picks Virtual World

Star Atlas Unveils SAGE Labs – The First Ever Web3 Space Economy Simulation Game

Star Atlas is unveiling SAGE Labs, the first space economy simulation game built on the Solana blockchain. This is an early access project to give players an insight into what life in deep space will be...

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