‘Star Atlas’ Hosts a 1,000-Player Online Stress Test
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‘Star Atlas’ Hosts a 1,000-Player Online Stress Test

ATMTA, the company behind the anticipated Solana-based video game Star Atlas, plans to conduct an online stress test with 1,000 players on private servers this Wednesday.

The primary focus of this test, according to ATMTA CEO Michael Wagner, is to showcase Star Atlas high-density, immersive environments to users.

“This is the first demo of our MetaGravity integration”

Wagner stated in an interview with Decrypt.

“Our goal is to stress test real players in a single lobby on a single server instance, up to 1,000 people.”

Players who have an access code for the early access version of the game on the Epic Games Store will be able to participate on Wednesday, and Star Atlas has been distributing additional codes to those who interact with its official Twitter account.

In July, ATMTA partnered with MetaGravity, a London-based developer of online worlds, to improve the physics and server infrastructure of Star Atlas.

The game is a space MMO built around NFTs and Solana tokens, with a persistent and luxurious world planned.

Wagner highlighted the difference in MetaGravity’s approach compared to Improbable, the startup behind the MSquared platform that powered early testing of Bored Ape Yacht Club’s game Otherside.

“Companies like Improbable use spatial partitioning, which is simply a way to identify and reference objects in shared space,” Wagner explained.

MetaGravity uses a technology and a new algorithm called causal partitioning for Star Atlas

Causal partitioning allows Star Atlas to have massive, single worlds that support many users simultaneously without performance degradation.

This stress test seeks to demonstrate this capability with real players, marking a significant step in the development of the game.

After the stress test, the Star Atlas roadmap includes chained character progression, ship mastery, inventory management, hovercraft racing, and full multiplayer support with modes like Capture the Flag and Team Battle.

Despite the challenges faced by ATMTA, including staff layoffs and financial losses, Wagner remains solidly optimistic about the future of blockchain gaming on Solana.

He underlined Solana’s suitability for scaling to a large user base with real-time on-chain gaming logic and transactions.

Wednesday will be a crucial day for Star Atlas as real players will experience the game on an unprecedented scale, providing valuable data for future optimization and showcasing the potential of ATMTA’s vision for the game.

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