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Animoca Brands Joins Forces With Magnus Carlsen to Launch Web3 Chess Game

Animoca Brands has just unveiled Anichess, an innovative web3 chess strategy game developed in collaboration with and the five-time world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. This free-to-play game has been launched in two phases, standing out for its approach to combining the strategic depth of classic chess with innovative and modern elements.

The first phase of the game focuses on player-versus-environment (PvE) mode, where players face daily challenges with a variety of spells. These spells introduce a new dynamic to the chess game, providing players with a unique experience. The goal is to familiarize players with this innovative variant and gather crucial feedback to tailor the experience to the preferences of chess enthusiasts, puzzle solvers, and strategic gamers.

The second phase, scheduled for the first quarter of 2024, will take the gaming experience to another level by offering a real-time multiplayer experience based on the spell chess mechanic introduced in the first phase. This will expand gaming options for players, providing additional competitive modes such as casual 1v1 matches, ranked 1v1 matches, and tournaments.

The strategic collaboration between Animoca Brands,, and Magnus Carlsen aims to balance the inherent complexity of chess with the accessibility and innovation of modern games. The inclusion of player customization elements, such as cosmetic skins and spell cards, will add a personal touch to the gaming experience. Additionally, the introduction of missions and battle passes will provide a dynamic element, offering players various tasks to accomplish and unlocking exclusive in-game rewards.

animoca brands anichess

Animoca Revolutionizes Chess Through Web3

Anichess also incorporates web3 technology, meaning it leverages decentralization to empower players. By using blockchain, players gain digital property rights over their in-game items, allowing them to own, trade, and build on these assets freely and without restrictions.

The integration of Moca ID and NFT rewards, called Orbs of Power, adds additional layers of engagement and customization for players. These unique visual and tactical elements not only enhance the game’s appearance but also unlock new challenges and rewards as players progress.

Anichess represents a modernization of the chess game, targeted not only at the existing community of chess enthusiasts but also at new audiences seeking an innovative and participatory experience in the gaming world. The game serves as an example of how web3 technology can transform and enrich the gaming experience significantly. As it evolves, it will be interesting to observe how Anichess continues to impact the gaming community and set new trends in the digital chess space.

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