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STEPN Reveals GMT Earning Plans

In keeping with putting its community first, STEPN, the web3 lifestyle app, is taking measures to align its development with the interest of its users. The lifestyle platform has revealed its long-term plan and how the community will benefit from its massive contribution to the STEPN project.

STEPN is committed to rewarding loyal users as they continue to stick with the project. In light of this, it is launching its GMT earnings. With this, the platform will have a better chance to give back to its community. Additionally, this earning mechanic will establish a dynamic balance between the GMT earning and GST earnings sides.

Highlights of the GMT Earning Rules

The game platform has revealed that it has no hard-coded earning cap for the GMT. Instead, the earning power of GMT changes every five minutes based on the volume of live GMT earners per time. The earning diminishes logarithmically each day, and after three years, it will halve. Users will require a minimum of three energies to qualify for the GMT earning.

There are Four Pools for the GMT earning sneakers, and they are:

  • Classic Pool (which is designed for existing sneakers)
  • Rainbow Pool
  • Rainbow Plus Pool
  • Schadenfreude Pool (to be launched)


More about the GMT Earning Sneakers

The generations of the sneakers vary. The highlights of the different generations are highlighted as follows:

  • Generation 0 – Classic: when a Sneaker gets to level 30, users can use it for GMT mining
  • Generation 1 – Rainbow
  • Generation 2 – Rainbow Plus
  • Generation 3 – Rainbow Infinite

It is worth mentioning that all Rainbow Series Sneakers are Trainers with the capacity for 1-20 km per hour. Also, there is no Efficiency, Comfort, Resilience, or Luck for all these Sneakers. Each Rainbow Series Sneaker will possess 100% HP, which is not restorable once it depletes.

When the HP is fully depleted, the sneaker becomes unusable. Users should note that the diminishing rate of HP is proportional to the consumption of Energy and all Rainbow Series Sneakers have the same HP diminishing rate.

Each Rain Series Sneaker has four slots for Rainbow Gems and users can burn them if they want to take them off. Users should also note that Rainbow Sneakers do not have Level Up, Minting Function, or Repair.

How to get the Rainbow Series Sneakers

  • A 5-in-1 Sneaker Enhancement makes you eligible to receive Rainbow Series Sneakers.
  • You have a chance to receive a double enhancement to one Rare Sneaker when you enhance 5 Common Sneakers into 1.
  • You can also receive a double enhancement to one Epic Sneaker when you enhance 5 Uncommon Sneakers into 1.

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